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Walt at his Finest, 25 April 2003

He helped the director pick out the most perfect people for each role. Haley Mills is really sweet and adorable, and this is probably the the film where boys started going, "Wow! Who's she? She's cute!" This was a very cute movie, and she can sing, too. The overall plot was good, but might have been a little confusing at times. Overall, an adorable movie, and if Walt Disney were alive to see all the positive recognition the movie's getting, he'd be proud.

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Twisted Faith, 25 April 2003

The movie was enjoyable because Haley Mills was in it, but I was confused about the movie's plot. It seems to deal with twisted faith, a crook convincing him that he's Jesus. I didn't really understand the point, but it still is a good movie for Christians confused with their own faith.

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Very average, 25 April 2003

This movie was generally okay. Nothing amazing, nothing surprising. I guess I particularly liked Violet, the gum-chewing maniac. This movie isn't necessarily one I'd reccommend. It misses the mark, but it's not the worst of the game. After all, it has Oopmaloompa's, doesn't it??

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One of the funniest movies in the galaxy, 25 April 2003

When I saw ads for this movie, I thought it was just going to be another Sci-Fi film. But it confused me when comedy actors like Tim Allen, Sigorny Weaver, and Alan Rickman showed up for the main characters. I decided, why not, and tried it.

I was laughing SO HARD I could barely contain myself. Every other line was a huge comedy extraveganza. Everyone sunk so deeply into their role. Tim just fit naturally with this rich, well-loved actor (surprise, surprise)Sigorny Weaver shone as Gwen with the funny catch lines and the frustration. Alan Rickman seemed perfect for the actor genius of Alexander, and you can tell he really enjoyed his part.


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Little Laugh a Second, 25 April 2003

This movie was beyond funny. Rick Morranis shines again, using his wonderful acting skills. Steve Martin is absolutely perfect for the role (of course he could play Mr. Potado Head and still perform amazingly.) This movie has catching songs, an original plot, and who can resist a venus flytrap that eats people. Rick and Steve should be in more films together in the future. They make one of the best acting pairs I've seen.

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What the - beep?, 13 April 2003

This show is beyond stupid. And what exactly is the point of Kenny dying in about every episode. This show definately wins the gold medal for worst show on the planet! You can hardly even understand the characters, and who the hell cares if nine-year olds talk like sailors, and how unrealistic is that? If I would have agreed to make this huge piece of bullcrap, I'd hang myself.

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what was wonderworks thinking?, 13 April 2003

This movie was nothing like the book. While the book was attention-grabbing and inspiring, the movie is cheesy and boring! Jesse falling off a ferris wheel? Did they even have ferris wheels back then? And unless Mae Tuck was attempting suicide, there is no way she could have cut her finger completely off just by cutting a damn piece of food! I couldn't even get the first 15 minutes before I literally fell asleep. If you can't fall asleep, this is a good movie, if you want entertainment, don't even think about this poor excuse for a movie.

Get a Clue (2002) (TV)
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It's a joke, people, 6 April 2003

Many people don't get the whole superficial girls thing. It's supposed to be like that, as glamour girls turn into good spied. It's a joke, the funny part about the plot. Lindsay Lohan is an awesome actress, and very versatile, handling the part of Lexy well. And what happened to Bug Hall? He got cute!

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Not the best Wonderworks movie, but close to it, 6 April 2003

This Little Princess is actually realistic to the book. The 1939 version is annoying and predictable, and Shirley Temple makes Sara seem mean and snotty instead of kind and solemn. And the 1995 version is too modernized. It's good that Liesel Matthews can sing, but what's that got to do with the story? New York? Mr. Randolph? All these details made it hard to concentrate. But this one was was the best out of the three. Amelia Shankely seemed just right for the part of Sara, even looking like her. This movie was sad, but that was the way it was supposed to be, A Little Princess isn't a comedy, although the other two versions though it was, making it too light, while this drama was smart and robust. Everyone did remarkable work.

Best Wonderworks Movie, 6 April 2003

Most of the Wonderworks Movies I've seen were boring, but this one had interest in it. Megan Follows portrayed an excellent Anne, and Colleen Dewhurst portrayed an excellent Marilla. As for the rest of the characters, they needed to stop worrying! It seemed as if the others were afraid of the camera. Good job, though.

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