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Lots of left over lolly, 20 October 2016

'Bargain Hunt' shouldn't be addictive viewing. It shouldn't be that entertaining. It's people rooting through old tat and selling it.

But yet if you watch enough of it then oddly you start to care about the teams, you learn something about the potentially worthwhile tat and shout at the TV "don't buy candle sticks, they never sell".

The odd situation at the time of writing is that the host has left and they are showing endless repeats until a new one can be found. Although not a huge part of the proceedings the personality of the host is key, so I wish the BBC would hurry up and give it to someone.

Addictive viewing, even if I don't know how.

Absolutely average, 17 October 2016

It's rare that a film disappoints so much as this one.

The main reason for this is because you see the talent involved. Simon Pegg! The Monty Python team! Robin Williams! All of whom sadly seem to have left their comedy timing on the bus on route to the film set.

This is childish, unfunny stuff from start to finish. It feels like a teen novel stretched too far, with a misleading array of stars conning you into thinking it will get better when it really doesn't.

Pegg's Mr Likable persona is getting tired, and the script doesn't help him lift this film beyond average.

The one small highlight is Robin Williams, who we all miss dearly. He steals every scene he's in.

Easy going crime drama, 16 October 2016

Out of nowhere 'Death in Paradise' has quickly become one of the best loved British crime dramas in recent years.

It's gone through some changes, notably losing both of it's original leads and some of the supporting cast too, but the basic premise remains the same - a bumbling inspector solving crimes on a tropical island.

It walks a nice line between being comic and dramatic and has been taken to new levels of popularity since Kris Marshall took over from Ben Miller.

Yes, I think the plots are becoming a bit more off the wall now, and every possible angle of relationship between the inspector and his glamorous female assistant has been used, but for the time being this show is at the top of its game.

After 'Once', 13 October 2016

Anyone expecting a sequel to the mega hit musical that was 'Once' will be disappointed because this instead is a music documentary charting the relationship (both onstage and off) of the two stars as they embark on a tour under their band name 'The Swell Season'.

It's beautifully shot in black and white, and works in the bands music well.

We don't take sides as their relationship breaks down, we understand each persons thoughts and outlook, and end up feeling more connected and sympathetic as the piece goes on.

It does feel at times like a DVD extra that's been given longer to play out, but you can't fault all involved for not sugar coating this piece.

A fun 80's comedy, 13 October 2016

'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' is one of those iconic 80's comedies that stands the test of time today.

It's deserved of it's classic status, purely because it's funny. And on different levels too. There's nice verbal, visual and physical comedy, all directed with class and style by the much missed John Hughes.

Ferris should actually be quite an unlikeable character, I mean he breaks rules, he's rude, and he's a liar, but in the hands of Matthew Broderick he becomes the epitome of cool.

With a great soundtrack and supporting cast it is very easy to see why this film has become such a huge hit, that people introduce modern teens too.

A fun new spin on Mickey, 13 October 2016

'The House of Mouse' was a fun idea. It allowed a new generation of kids to get to know the characters of Mickey, Donald etc., while also being an opportunity for Disney to air new Mickey Mouse cartoons.

It's also nice how characters from other Disney films are the guests at the theatre, and the interaction between them and Mickey etc. all is always one of the highlights of each episode.

I remember enjoying this show when I was a kid because it was so different from other shows on TV at the time. You'd also see a character in the background and go "oh, I like them. What film are they in?" and then go and rent the video.

I enjoyed this show.

The finale we got. Not the one we wanted., 12 October 2016

This series finale earnt about as much hate as 'Seinfeld's' did all those years ago.

When fans have stuck with a show for as long as they did with 'How I Met Your Mother' they start to feel like they own the show, and the direction it takes. I think that's why so many were hurt when the finale did not match up to what they hoped would happen.

I like this show for the most part, I thought it's use of call-backs and flash-forwards was clever. It also had a good heart. And yes, the finale wasn't exactly what I imagined it would be.

But fair play to the creators, they had apparently had this vision for the show all along and stuck to it. They ultimately own the show, not the fans.

It's a nice touch that a more 'fan friendly' version exists on the DVD, perhaps to mend bridges.

Good, not excellent Simpsons episode, 12 October 2016

Series 4 of 'The Simpsons' was a good example of the show at its absolute peak. However I didn't enjoy this episode.

I thought it was a bit slow to get started and ended on a cheap joke (everybody laughing as the credits role) to cover the fact that they'd run out of plot.

There are some lovely moments though. I liked the 'Grinch' style scene with Burns and of course the classic moment where Homer spins around the boardroom table. If you're unsure of what I mean, watch the clip, it's great.

I know that others on this site have said it's a brilliant episode, and that's fine, but for me there are other episodes that deserve the title of 'classic' more.

The Trip (2010/I)
All very nice, but..., 10 October 2016

'The Trip' is one of the many shows that seem to be on currently or have been on recently that feature actors playing versions of themselves. In this show we have Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon doing exactly that.

It's a rambling travelogue of a show, that enables both performers to shine. The publics perception of them already plays a big part in it's success too, as they both play to it and against it well.

It doesn't really go anywhere though for me, with each episode hitting the re-set button. I also found it to be a little self-indulgent.

What I would recommend though is watching the TV series version of it rather than the expanded 'film' attempt, which milks it a bit too much.

Lost in a waste of space, 6 October 2016

Sorry, I'm confused. When did Doctor Who become a programme I need a PHD to understand? I know people love it, and will watch it multiple times to get every single plot detail, but for a casual viewer who just tuned in to see what was going on this was a headache.

Look back at the early series of the revival, and yes, it got you thinking, but it wasn't as complex as it is now. Basic storytelling seem to have been replaced by so many twists and turns, and call-backs to moments from across the 50 years of the shows run that for new viewers it's incredibly hard to get into.

I can't say I care for Capaldi's Doctor either, but that's beside the point if you can't understand what's going on in the first place.

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