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50/50 (2011)
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comedy... seriously?, 14 April 2012

i'm sorry but this movie hasn't got the tiniest bit of humor, comedy or whatsoever.

a bad written script, a very predictable ending and a boring as hell movie is all it is. it's the very same formula the writers had been using for decades and seems like the audience just can't get enough...

as a final irony, this movie gets one of the most overrated IMDb score i've ever seen with a big shiny 7.9

i just watched it for the sake of seth rogen and wasted my time. i gave this movie a 4 only for his acting. but the rest was a big disappointment...

Great documentary with a concept, if you know what that means..., 11 November 2011

I can't understand the comments about other famous musicians that are left out or how deficient the movie is to describe the cultural diversity of Istanbul...

How can you include every single musical pioneer from a city that has a colossal history dating back to 7000 BC for god's sake?

It's called creating a concept. Selecting a way of storytelling. Purifying the cacophony of 15 million people living in this mega city.

It's a great, hearth touching documentary with "a selection" of influential musicians from many different genres accompanied by mostly melancholic views of Istanbul's urban texture.

Highly recommended even if you don't have an interest in world music.

Timecrimes (2007)
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a movie with 4 people and enough questions to ask., 29 September 2011

we are quite sure about what we saw in a movie, if it meets certain mainstream clichés;

1. there should be a definitive explanation of a victim and a villain.

2. victim's past should be explained in brief. this will make us connect and sympathize with that person without any effort or question.

3. victim should be terrorized, covered in blood, running and screaming his lungs out, lost loved ones while villain should never hesitate, never be clumsy, always straight to the target, never fall down, never die the easy way...

if these definitions aren't pointed out clearly with a circus kind of flashy visuals, blood and guts everywhere, we can't deal with that.

what? who are these 4 people? when this all began? are these two the same? i don't get it. i'll just go and put "i know what you did last summer vol 42".

much easier.

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I wonder if they wish they just didn't shoot the last 15 minutes..., 18 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie has certainly got an interesting concept. All suiciders living their afterlife together in a limbo-like place and stuff... Visuals are also good enough to make this film worth a 7.5/10.

But I really think the last 15 minutes (the king and the gathering for the great miracle) just ruined the whole movie. It suddenly went from dark humor to absurdity, then ended up like a cheap Benn Stiller style romantic comedy. The film pushed the limits of persuasiveness for a guaranteed happy ending. That was simply unnecessary.

Also there were some characters in the movie that seemed interesting and worth getting deeper into their own story, but instead, were just left as side characters.

I expected more from the movie title and IMDb ranking and got disappointed. But it still is a nice movie to watch and entertain your evening nevertheless.

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It's a total mess..., 4 July 2010

I can't imagine how dumber a mindless action film could ever be. This is the bottom line. A movie to be taught in universities for how it shouldn't be.

And what was all that stuff about non-European & non-Americans? All of them? It's like the movie script could be degraded to a single line:

"Your problem is you're all foreigners!"

All those little details in the film made me sick because of their shallowness. I think they're all there just for decoration purposes and to cover the absurdity of the script.

Never gonna watch a Travolta film again, never wanna see a Besson DVD near my player again. Ever...

The Breath (2009)
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A good movie, but surely not international..., 5 June 2010

Most of the reviews here are biased towards a Turkish patriotism, not good...

Most of the non-Turkish reviews are here not to review but to protest the high ratings of this movie, understandable...

But I sadly see that no one got the point.

First of all this movie does not praise Turkish soldiers, nor slanders Kurdish rebels. It has a slight feel of patriotism, but not as much as an average war movie.

You can't take the plot in the movie and interpret like it has an international message, like you do in private Ryan. Because you and even most of the Turkish people DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE about what is really going on in the eastern Turkey.

I've been there as a soldier, in a troop very near to the place chosen for this film. With the things i saw and observed while I was there, with the conclusions I draw after coming back and thinking about what I experienced for a while, this film is decently REALISTIC and PERSUASIVE to me.

Because it's about the unbelievably wrong methods the government and army carry in Eastern Turkey.

It's about ordinary and irrelevant young men named "soldiers" after a couple of months so called training and are forced to fight an imposed and everlasting war.

It's partly about a commander, who lost his sanity and hope after his best friends death.

And it's not about anything else...

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"They were good kids...", 5 June 2010

"They knew some of their plans were illegal. But they never did them after all..." A nicely written mixture of comedy and drama about a nation gone dark in the 80s. How they become politicized, terrorized and forced to be depoliticized again by the cruel laws of "military government".

Film carries hidden messages about how illiterate and naive the people are behind their politicized and opposing faces.

Other than the main theme, to movie goes around a love story of "Crazy Emin" and a girl who has just came to the town from the big city.

It's a colorful, easy, fun to watch film if you aren't Turkish. If you are and if you have a little bit of knowledge of what happened back in those years, it may put a stone in your stomach towards the end...