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There have been rumors that a Hocus Pocus sequel might happen. Although a sequel probably won't happen, here is a list of actors I could see in a modern sequel.
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Some of my favorite actors- These guys are talented and often choose good projects! Not in any particular order!
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Fantastic, Artistic, Intelligent Horror movies with real Depth...
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A list of actresses who I actually like; Talented, Genuine and underrated. These actresses stand out and select good roles.
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A list of some of the Worst Shows on TV, in my opinion... From Worst to the Least. But they're all pretty bad, imo. ;-)
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These actresses are well-known in a variety of horror films. These are the hottest Scream Queens of today and yesterday. ;-)
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A list, not in any sort of order, of some of the greatest movies and television series that shouldn't go under appreciated. A list created by a weird, eccentric, bizarre and interesting chick in her late 20s.
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We all would like to know who would star us, if they made a movie about our lives. This is who I would cast, to star in the movie based on my life.
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Hollywood BizzarrO!!!