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An inspiring film with a deceiving title, 1 June 2011

As so many that come across this film, I was intrigued with the subtitle "A Modern Cannibal Tale." Unlike a lot of those who write their reviews angered that cannibalism is not the primary focus of the documentary, I was still enthralled. "Keep the River On Your Right" is not unlike the inspirational journeys of "The Human Experience" or even "Into the Wild." That the doc follows the man who lived these experiences decades later as he revisits the primitive locales only further underlines the profound impacts his travels had on his life and makes the contrast even more stark.

If you're a teenager expecting a snuff film, then yes, you will be disappointed. Even more so if you're inclined to turn your nose up at homosexuality or same-sex relationships. You'll be disappointed and most likely you will write your scathing review on Netflix or IMDb about how you have no interest in watching a movie about an "old gay guy." Those that are open enough to listen to Tobias Schneebaum's recollections and personal discoveries will find themselves pondering whether current society or the primitive savages are more barabaric in existence and practices. Much can be learned about ourselves if we take the opportunity to learn from those different from us. That theory proved true for Schneebaum in his travels. Give the film a chance with a corrected idea of what to expect going in and it will prove true for you as well.