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Wake up and smell the hummus, 2 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have some time for Nesbit, he does the 'Brit Grit' TV dramas well, but in Midnight Man, he and the writers seem to be sleepwalking their way through the plot.

The gimmick of a daylight phobia is inconsistently portrayed with his occasional, unexplained forays into daylight without much fuss, then suddenly he can't possibly go out?? Maybe he was just having good days and bad days, but the viewer is not to know the intricacies of this particular psychosis - so either explain it to us properly or don't bother - it's not like it actually adds anything to the story - it's just a quirk thrown in to make up for the poor writing.

Oh, and on the subject of poor writing - being told off by his journo 'friend' for being paranoid. Now that might have flown before his wife was killed execution style, but to accuse him of paranoia the day after she opens her front door and receives a bullet in the forehead, is STUPID. Perhaps they wrote that bit of dialogue then moved the time line when her execution takes place...inconsistent and lazy.

As for when the 'hit man', supposedly hired for his racist, keep England all white predilections, pours out his heart on the bus...WHAT?? Referring to cutting of the head of the boy as being traumatic, I didn't sign up for this stuff... ummm... last night you did kill his wife, wouldn't that be more traumatic as she was a middle class, Anglo British mum, and obviously not a bloody terrorist. Give me a break.

At that point I tuned out.