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Gladiator (2000)
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watch it agin & you'll change your mind, 18 July 2003

i watched this (a bit!) the first time and i gave it 1/10. i hated it!

then i wathced it again (-and i'll be the FIRST to admit i only wathced it to watch Mr Phoenix!!!-) but i actually started watching it. i don't think Russell Crowe is an oscar winning actor. i dont even think he's good. but he does the role well enough for me to say i enjoyed watching the film.

its a great action film. with a good bit of romance.

i think the bestest bit is the "My name is..." quote. ran tingles up my spine.

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scariest movie ever? i doubt it VERY much, 18 July 2003

scary is not a word i'd use to describe this film. boring maybe, but not scary!

must admit there was one (maybe two?-cant remember now!) time i got a BIT scared (and i use that word VERY loosely)

Jack Nicolson (-who I'm NOT a fan of-) is MAYBE at his best, but dont get too excited! this isn't a compliment! the kid is a bit of a freak and olive oil woman is scary to LOOK at!!! the twin thing is a little scary, but not in a "BEST EVER SCARIEST FILM" way!!!

see it so you can say you've seen it. but dont get too excited about it!!!

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gutted!!! shouldn't have watched it again!!!, 18 July 2003

Am soooOOOooo gutted!!! i watched this 10 years ago and i absolutely LOVED it. so much so i watched it again and again for years to come. then 1 year ago i bought it on dvd. i'd not seen it for about 4 or 5 years. this was my mistake. i watched it. i really didnt enjoy watching it. at all! i dont know why but it had lkost its entertainment factor. the jokes were weak and it was boring. and yes i know it is a repiticous film, but the jokes were repitious too!!! i got bored of it and i wish i hadn't paid the tenner for the dvd!!!

(mind you, andie mcdowell is a MAJOR, MAJOR reason to hate a film!!!)

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Oh Dear...!!!, 18 July 2003

Yep... Oh Dear in deed!!! The only reason we went to see this was for the Matrix's Animatrix!!!

Luckily that was oin first, so we didn't have to sit through all the film!!! problem though.........WE DID!!! (Stupidly!!!)

It's awful! We only stayed, because we were living in the hope that it would get better!!!

(If I tell the truth the only reason I stayed was to watch Jason Lee... ***SPOLIER*** which was a shame - if you watch the film you'll see why!!!)

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There should be minus numbers out of 10 !!!, 18 July 2003

I'm gonna comment on this in two halves...

First half of the film: 10/10!!! It's really scary and really good. Edge of the seat, fully engrossing, very entertaining and a top horror film.

Second half of the film: This is where the minus numbers should exsist!!! it's embarrassingly awful. i wish i'd have got rid of my "i-dont-walk-out-of-something-i've-paid-for" policy!!! Dnt waste your time with this. you'll be SOOOO embarrassed you spent £3 seeing it!!!

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wish i wasnt flippin there!!!, 18 July 2003

oh... my... God!!!

no, no, no, no, NO!!!

Was soooOOOooo damn bored!!!

Cant really write much else apart form the fact that......... IT'S ONE OF THE MOST BORING, POINTLESS, RUBBISH FILMS EVER!!!

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A must see (but do try & save it til Xmas!!!), 9 July 2003

This is, without a doubt, the best family film EVER. I don't think it's dated and i think that it's something you could watch annually. The best time to watch it is with the family around the tree on Christmas Eve.

There isn't anything else I can say about the film apart from the fact that it's truly a magical piece.

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I'm writing this after i've seen the 2nd one TOO..., 9 July 2003

ok, as i say i've just seen the second one too - DON'T WORRY!!! I'M NOT GONNA GIVE ANYTHING AWAY!!! - so, i'm gonna have a different approach to when i saw just this one.

this film is about 'girl-power' and taking the p***.

it acheives this easily. if i had voted after seeing the first 100 (!) times i'd have given it a 9 out of 10, but now i've seen the secondone i'm only giving it 7 out of 10 (which, in my eyes, is still a really great score!)

i'm not gonna write much else, coz i'm gonna go comment on the 2nd one.

the main thing i can say about this film is: dont just rent it, BUY it! coz you're gonna wanna watch it every week!!!

Spider-Man (2002)
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maybe it's all the hype that let it down?, 9 July 2003

after all the hype this film got - and boy did it get a LOT!!! - i thought this fiml was gonna be the best of the year.

it wasn't.

when i think about it, the only reason i actually would waqtch it again is for the rain scene - Kirsten Dunst at one of her best's!!!

i wouldn't even recommend this film!

sorry!!! (hopefully the 2nd one will be better?)

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OH...MY...GOD!!! sooooo much better than the first one!!!, 9 July 2003

OH...MY...GOD!!! sooooo much better than the first one (and the first one was GREAT!!!) !!!

this film is SO funny. it is jam packed with crap jokes that make you giggle, then as they continue you cant help but actually find them really funny!

the angels are - as always - stunning: in looks, comedy and action.

great cameos by great actors.

if you stop to think about it you will find yourself saying 2 things: 1. just how annoying can the new Bosley be!!!?!!! and 2. is there really a plot? oh yeh... there it was!!!

but seriously, you've gotta see this. if you're a girl it's a great girlie comedy with loadsa action. if you're a boy you've gotta see it for the same reasons, but also... THESE GIRLS ARE SEX-Y!!!

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