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My personal ranking of Tarantino's 8 (or 9) films from best to worst.
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This is a list of my ranking of the EON-James Bond films. The list represents my own personal taste in Bond movies and it is 100% subjective.

The top ten of the list consists of my absolute favourites. They are the "Good" Bond films.

Nr. 11-19 are the enjoyable even though some are quite mediocre films. Many of them may not be very good in other opinions but I still like them enough to not to stamp them as bad films.

20-24 are the worst of the series. They are all rated less than seven.

The actor's from best to worst:
-Sean Connery
-Roger Moore
-Daniel Craig
-Timothy Dalton
-Pierce Brosnan
-George Lazenby
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This is a list of my absolute favourite films. They are not necessarily the most commonly thought of as the best, but this is a list that is meant to show my personal taste in movies and it is therefore 100% subjective.

I have stripped this list down to the only films I couldn't make myself delete from the list.

This list is in order with my absolute favorurite film of all time in the top.
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Harry Potter is truly one of the greatest fantasy stories ever made, and I think the films are great.
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Movies witch I think are perfect. The type of movies that you wouldn't want to ad another scene for (or remove one). Just Perfect. In no perticulary order.
(Not necessarily my favourites)
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