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You know, I really liked it, 24 May 2010

Okay, I was pretty skeptical going into the situation as I'm one of the few peeps who was not a huge Seinfeld guy (please don't throw stones). But my wife netflixed and talked me into watching it with her. Believe it or not, not a bad movie! I like Alexander doing a different kind of guy this movie as opposed to the high stung guys he usually plays. Also the only other time I saw Estes was in Silk Stockings so it was pretty cool to see the seamy detective as vulnerable. Over all it was a fun ride! Also I got a kick out of the sex crazed character that Danner played, lol. I mean come on, who hasn't been at a table struggling to think of something to say with on a blind-date. There were a few continuity issues (i.e. palms trees in queens) BUT those are forgivable considering the engaging performances of the leads.