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Most genuinely accurate portrait of modern Dublin we've seen, 17 December 2003

This show is superb. As someone from Dublin it's so refreshing to be able to chat animatedly to friends the next day about an Irish-produced TV series that doesn't fall into the cliches and mediocre mimicry of foreign programmes that has dogged TV output in this country. Bachelor's Walk is deceptively easy-to-watch while being exceptionally careful to portray its character's lives as truthfully and authentically as possible. The series is warm and projects the cosy, embracable aspects of the city of Dublin - a refreshing change from the usual gritty drug and crime dramas set here.

Let's hope it doesn't end after the third series - and let's hope the DVDs of Series 2 and 3 come hot on the heels of the excellent 6-part opener...congrats to all involved.