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They should have got Miriah Carey..., 8 October 2004

I am not a judgemental film goer. I enjoy many/most films that I see. Perhaps this is due to selective viewing or maybe because there are lots of enjoyable films out there. Either way, I don't often hate a movie. Anacondas: i have never seen anything more heinous in my entire life. It is horrendous. It is appalling. It is dreadful. It is just plain awful. It made me want to murder everyone around me and myself for being so stupid as to think this film would even be entertaining in the slightest due to its crapness. It had the worst calls, that were just plain pathetic 'this is the jungle: everything gets eaten.' It had the worst stereotypical characters eg. the blond chic, the dumb black guy who says 'daymn,' the evil guy who will stop at nothing to get his glory, the mysterious boatman who takes them down the river despite the danger. It was just bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. bad. It was nauseating. it was offensive because of its poorness. it was deplorable. lamentable. agonising. egregious. calamitous. villainous. dismal. IT WAS HORRIBLE. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE EVER EVER EVER IF YOU WANT TO LIVE A SATISFYING LIFE. I HAVE JUST LOSE TWO HOURS THAT I WILL NEVER GET BACK.

perhaps, you say to yourself, it will be humorous because of its crapness. PLEASE DO NOT BE Deceived. IT WAS CRAP AND CRAP AND CRAP AND CRAP but not funny. I did not laugh, i laughing at the comments my friend was making. Please hire him out to see this film with you because it is the only way it will be enjoyable.

For the love of humanity, say no to Anaconda. I would rather sit through Glitter every day for the rest of my life then see this film ever again. GLITTER!!! THAT WAS ANOTHER PRETTY MAJOR PIECE OF CRAP TOO. BUT ANYTHING BUT THIS STUPID STUPID STUPID MOVIE. I honestly believe with all my heart that Miriah Carey would have made this movie better. BETTER.

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Fantastic portrayal of what everyone should be able to experience, 7 April 2003

Some may call it sentimental, but I believe it to be one of the greatest films ever made. This film explores a theme which everyone should be able to experience: what life would be like for others if they had not existed.

This film conveys the idea that love, family and friends are the most important aspects of life. So many films are about going out and achieving success in greater things then what they have and do not show the importance of home and the things that complete a person. This film shows exactly what a person needs to live a successful life- family, friends and love, and I don't believe that a person could watch this movie and not be at all touched by it.

Furthermore, a wonderful story is followed up by a stunning cast including James Stewart with his simple-man modesty, Donna Reed with her girl-next-door beauty and Lionel Barrymore with his tyranical glare, all compliment each other fantastically.

All in all, this movie is flawless in its casting, direction and story. I would find it very hard to believe someone who claims they were not at all touched by this story, because it really is a special and wonderful movie which everyone must see, if not for the sheer joy of watching Jimmy Stewart on screen for an hour and a half, then for the appreciation of the values this film is trying to encourage- family, friends and love.