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Corn-pone, 18 October 2015

This is one of those films, at least some films are like this for me, that lumber along until they are finally over, and I find that I was neither much interested as it progress or disappointed that it was over. One of those films where I am baffled as to what went wrong. Sometimes, I think that I just don't understand "directing" and when a film fails for me it must be because it was poorly directed. Film written, directed and acted my a single individual often have this feel.

The storyline in this one is really a bunch of best separated events somehow threaded together. The actor/director places himself way too often as the focus of the story.

In the end this film reminds be a moving picture version of those angst-ridden/tortured soul/lonely iconoclast album cover shots by solo musicians. Even Springsteen had some of those.

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you need to watch more porn, 14 August 2014

I readily admit, I watched this film primarily to admire Charlotte Gainsbourg. How a woman, with such quirky features, can be so beautiful, is an aesthetic marvel. I think I may have even seen her private parts. The movie is replete with unsimulated sex. BUT,for many of us, in this age of pornography, the sexual imagery has lost its over-riding significance and impact. This film is to sex as the "Wild Bunch" was to gore. The graphic sex or the graphic violence gives legitimacy to the visual dimension of the narrative. You just need to be somewhat inured to this stuff to not let it overwhelm the film as a whole.

I liked it. It is a fantasy of a sorts; hyperbolic but enjoyable nevertheless.

Jobs (2013)
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bio of a total asshole... as far as this movie goes, 3 April 2014

This film may have actually served my secret purpose; to dislike and disprove the merit of Steve Jobs. If the film is correct, Jobs was an absolute narcissistic asshole. But even more compelling, I saw Jobs to be nothing more than a verbose, quasi-evangelical delegator with virtually no design acumen or appreciation that design is not the simple act of declaring your wishes for a particular outcome. As an architect, a person who spent a lifetime designing objects for practical and aesthetic use, I can assure all you Job-philes that he was merely a vain-wannabe.

He invented nothing and couldn't run a company.

Sadly, the movie doesn't realize that this is the what is revealed. The film concedes his sociopathy,but itself, is duped by his reputation.


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much ado about nothing, 15 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I expected seeing this movie to be a life changing experience; being a person whose religious beliefs tend toward Buddism and the notion of past and future lives on Earth.

This film purports to deal with this issue philosophically, but really doesn't. It is merely a half dozen little novelettes performed by a small corps of actors; made up to look different but still suggest continuity of souls through the ages.

The novelettes are not very interesting. The high-jinks with all the makeup is distracting. And really undermines the credibility of the story when a particular soul coexists with himself in the same time frame. Just doesn't make sense.

There is some very good action involving that bad guy from the Matrix. And some gorgeous erotica (briefly).

Not worthy of the hype.

1984 (1984)
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old newspeak, 1 September 2012

I read the book in high school in the 60's and assumed it was an indictment of communism. Before seeing the movie the other night I had convinced myself that it would be even more relevant in that it surely had to be about the capitalism/fascism mess we know live in. It isn't. It simply makes the point that individualism could be stamped out and that it could make for a very dire existence if the oppressor were as bad as one could imagine. I will have to reread the book.. maybe it is deeper than the film suggests.

Very atmospheric and economical filmmaking really. Great performances. GREAT NUDITY.. is this sense. The woman playing Julia is lovely, in a very ordinary way and to see her so exposed,quite hirsute in fact, is a revelation to one about how beautiful human beings can be. Our clothes are the first cell we inhabit.

I don't know. I just hope someone writes a 1984ish book revealing the dark underbelly of the society we have embraced, reflexively out of fear of the Orwellian world.

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It's all about Scout, 1 September 2012

I think too much can be made of the civil rights issues in this film. They are brilliantly rendered, as so in the book. They point to an attitude our parents held that was abhorrent. As a significant plot feature, its give the book an all too apparent thesis. Too much can be made of Boo... too.

Reading the book and seeing the film, nothing that happens is significant except in as much as it is something that Scout addresses AND the brilliance of the book and the movie is the structure allows us to witness her witness it all, both as a child and as a nostalgic adult concurrently.

It is impossible to not love Scout. Her embodiment in Mary Badham is extraordinary. It is fun to view some of the documentaries about the film. Mary was every bit the tough tomboy that Scout was. The jewel of the film is witnessing Atticus turn her, and Jem, into loving and moral adults.. by himself and according to his own convictions. When Scout curls up in her daddy lap.... a daddy like me feels all of that love of and for a child once again. One scene.. the one about the watch is just lovely.

I won't discuss the movie making other than to say it so speaks of the era in every detail and of a time that, apart from the wretched treatment of our black brothers, must have been a great time to live.

Fay Grim (2006)
crap.. I mean I hoped it would have been better, 3 August 2012

I love Parker Posey. And I even admit Jeff Goldblum is becoming handsomer.

I just don't understand what this film was trying to do and most of all I wonder if it's amateur look and feel was deliberate. Every scene between characters has a look like maybe another take was in order. You simply will be astonished at how the action is handled.The plot is way too convoluted. I simply gave up at about the 3/4 point.

Most exasperating is the film seems to be going for funny. And it gets there occasionally but without conviction. This could have been a great spy thriller or a zany comedy. Not both. Damn.

Ted (2012)
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beyond funny, 31 July 2012

They made this work. On so many levels too. First the animation. What??? It's animation??????? Second, if you like cameos, you will be richly rewarded. Third, if you like really dirty humor, and less dirty humor and just plain funny dialogue and situations this is a perfect movie for you. Certainly, it is Family Guy on overdrive and without the network in the way. My son and I were in tears at times. In an audience of twelve we all clapped at the end. I clapped!!!! Mila Kunis is one of our best actresses. See is just remarkable. Mark W. is every bit as good and watch for Giovanni Ribisi; one of my favorite actors. I won't go on but I can assure you you will enjoy this movie. Some of you won't. My wife wouldn't like it.... but that's a whole other story. I won't burden you with that.

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a good deed indeed, 18 July 2012

My ex-girlfriend (reconnected with recently on FB after 46 years) said I really needed to see this. She was my best pal when we were both 11 and 12 in 1964/1965.

I don't think I was as colorful as the boy in this movie. I think she was as lovable as the girl in the movie. I think I still love her, all these years later.

They have a lot of fun in this film and venture close to manifesting love in gentle and sweet prepubescent ways.

An incredible cast you surely already know are involved and cudos to Bruce Willis. And Edward Norton. And the rest... all on hat island.

Really great shot setups. Intriguing use of absolute symmetry. It just feels right. Elemental.

The film is even spot on in regards to the relative physical maturity of the kids. The girls is, like girls in general, about a year ahead in terms of physical maturity. Not to suggest that there is nudity or anything purile but only that it is strange to recall how within that span of about 12 months at that age a virtual metamorphosis occurs for adolescents. No wonder they can feel that delirious mix of crush/romanticism. It is truly innocent and glorious; hope you remember that feeling too.

One of my favorite films. I will own it and watch it a dozen times.

a hoot, 16 July 2012

Rarely do I laugh like a hyena. Or at such ridiculous material. I think my young adult children thought I was losing it. They have yet to watch this film. Snobs. This kooky film is outrageous. It is mad cap and zany (the two most vile words ever in reviews because it so often refers to silly Brit sex comedies). But I relent and use these words to describe this slasher/camper/redneck romp. The characters are human cartoons and the predicaments and the consequences are hilarious.

There is no point in describing the plot. The film's name and the cover art tells you all you need to know.

This movie goes well with beer. Lots of beer. The cheap stuff.

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