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Ex Machina (2014)
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Mind freak movie with unsatisfying ending, 22 May 2015

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This movie was amazing; the acting the concept the effects the execution perfect except for the ending. Basically caleb thinks he's in love or infatuated with her and she the same except she uses Caleb to escape and leaves him behind locked inside. And then it ends. Unsatisfying here's what I think should have happened. To get out they need Nathan's card and Caleb tells Ava this. However he ponders what Nathan says about Ava using him to escape. So he reprograms it so that it not only does the system not read Nathan's card but it recognizes Caleb card being the master controller. Thus revealing Ava's true plan. I'm not saying that the ending was the worst in fact it does fit the theme of the whole movie but it's still so unsatisfying.

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I feel violated, 8 November 2014

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Never has doctor who disappointed me. Sure there are some episodes that are just okay but this episode has just been one giant disaster. There have been so many plot holes and unexplained details. I was surprised when they brought back the master. But we've always and I mean I'll ways known the master as john simm (I'm guessing he said no to the part as the master) but it was hard for me to see his personality in as a woman. Also they just briefly mentioned how he's there (if you remember from the end of time that he goes back to galifrey where he galifrey burnt and so it was assumed that the master died. But since the doctor saved galifrey it's now assumed that the master was saved. It works but it's also a weak way to explain it). I think they should have just used some other villain. Also this whole season with Clara going back and forth with danny and the doctor has not been working. Do you remember the tension that amy felt between rory and matt stone doctor and how it was resolved in Amy's choice episode. And let's not forget how they brought back brigadere (Kate's father). So basically anyone who has any relation to the doctor is immune. Brilliant. And the way it was all resolved in what I like to call that was easy resolution. That's where the plot is so complicated it digs itself into a corner and then something happens in which the protagonists solution just becomes created without any thought. The doctor could of pressed the that was easy button and it would have been equally as satisfying. So my conclusion is that Steven muffat has a brain tumor. It's the only way for someone to say yes this works perfectly to this ending.

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Amazing start but bad unfolding, 21 May 2014

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I am a total fan when it comes to these kinds of shows. Present post apoptalyptic shows with lost being added in the mix. And I loved the concept of the show. All electricity ceases and no one knows why and fast forward fifteen years. And they slowly unravel the plot and hows and whys of everything. So in the first season they slowly introduced and explained the nano as well as a side problem the monroe republic. And they gave equal attention to both plots. Explaining the nano and what they are and what they do to showing the depth of monroe's paranoia. However when the second season they introduced the patriots. For any post apoptalyptic show to work you need a main plot and a side plot. However what happened was that they made the patriots the main plot problem and they made the nano the side less important plot. So by second half of the second season they turned the focus to the patriots making the nano only revelevant because they just can't not talk about it. "Oh yeah and the nano um what can we do about it in this episode?" They went in the wrong direction digging themselves in a hole they couldn't come out of probably because instead of having the plot for each episode of the entire season they made up the plot episode by episode. This is pretty much what lost did. The only reason lost didn't get cancelled too soon is that their seasons were shorter and they introduced information slower. Most people who actually watched revolution until the end only did so because like me I can't stand to not know what will happen next without some kind of ending whether it be good like the series finale of breaking bad or something bad like the series finale of revolution.

"Review" (2014)
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Could be better and fixable, 13 March 2014

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I don't know how this show has gotten a better rating than inside Amy schumer. First off I could do without the long and awkward details of how he ended up doing the thing he was reviewing. Also I thought he would be doing very hands on relatable things. Kicking a door down, running a marathon, or eating three cans of beans and then going on a date. Not stealing something or making a sex tape or cocaine and I pray to god that he didn't really do cocaine. Those are things that most people would not consider doing or try or wonder what it be like if they did do those things; maybe not so much the sex tape but you get the idea. If there is any comedy in this then it's awkward funny which is not like Comedy Central at all. Comedy central does shockhumor. In short I give Review: **

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Maybe it was all one plan, 26 December 2013

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OK so I will agree with some people that this special was cheesy and overly complicated. I can only imagine Steven moffat explaining the concepts and plots to the crew and cast and everyone looking at each other saying huh. But I've always suspected that Steven moffat wasn't making this up as he goes along. I think that going all the way back to silence in the library he had already written a general outline of the crack in the wall, the silence assassinating the doctor, river song being Amy ponds daughter, Amy and rory dying, the doctor meeting Clara, Clara being the impossible girl, the name of the doctor, and the doctor saving galifrey instead of destroying it. First of all in the episode lets kill Hitler the doctor is talking to hologram Amy and says "so I just regenerate." This however does not necessarily indicate a contradict. Hologram Amy said "regeneration has been disabled." Maybe she didn't mean that the poison disabled his regeneration but that because he is the twelfth regeneration and did not know that he couldn't regenerate again. Also in the episode in the space hotel where you find your worst fears the doctor sees what he fears most but we don't see it. Now most people assumed that it was losing Amy pond but I think that moffat always planned that the crack in the wall was his worst fear. Also when the doctor talks to Dorians head Dorian says "on the fields of trensalore where no living creature can lie a question will be asked." Everyone thought that was the episode the name of the doctor but he said the fields of trensalore not the ashes. However there are things that I was in satisfied with like he stays young from age 900- 1200 and then from 1200-unknown he starts to age, even though gallifrey is stuck in a single moment they can still send out a message meaning they aren't frozen, what the doctor "ate" I think time energy or something caused him to shoot and destroy the daleks, that when the doctor did regenerate he didn't "explode like the last times, and even though we only saw a peter calividi for a minute he showed a similar personality as Matt smith. Overall I recommend watching it twice and it's better the second time 7 stars

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6 stars; did not live up to its expectations, 23 November 2013

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First off the beginning was pretty good. Showing us the actual war of the time war. But then they involved a plot with queen Elizabeth l. And when they said that Billie piper was in it I thought they meant rose Tyler. But instead Billie piper was playing the conscious of the moment a device that destroys galifrey. Not to mention that I was looking forward to the reunion of David tenant doctor and rose Tyler. So basically the plot is zygons creatures that can copy other life forms are trying to take over the earth. And then they tie in the time war at the end. Also they don't once mention the fact that the reason why the doctor did what he did because if you remember from the season 4 finale the end of time the time lords try to bring the end of time. And they really didn't explain anything than what's already known from the time war. They don't tell us when the war is, what started the war, and who was in it. I really wish it wasn't directed by Steven muffat and directed by someone else. I'm not saying it wasn't good but it really wasn't I expected.

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Its really good only by watching it will you know longer judge it, 17 September 2013

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So I really didn't even glance at the idea of seeing this show especially since I found out it was about the headless horseman. But commercials for kept coming on and finally I thought what the heck I'll give it a try.

Basically starts off in the revolutionary war where this guy Ichabod Crane is fighting with this guy who looks like Bane if he were in the revolutionary war. The dude fatally injures him but Ichabod cuts off his head.

Now that was the opening scene and I'm not going to give you a complete synopsis on what happens in the episode because you'll think this doesn't make any sense.

And you know what from a scientific view point alone it makes no sense. But this show does not involve any science at all and it sounds weird. But they were smart to not include any explanations using science because I don't think you could explain what is happening with the show using science.

So what are you left with? A really good show that when you watch the first episode your incentive to watch the next episode is that longing to know whats gonna happen next, but isn't from a cliffhanger or a twist. It's just that its a good show.

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is it because there's no plot; is it because it's a syfy movie; yes to both, 18 June 2011

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Wow so Megapython vs. Gatoriod. All i can say is that its the greatest movie ever LOL. This has it all:

-hot scientists who think they know what they're doing but really don't

-terrible graphics and dialogue

-lots of guns

-no plot

-weird ass name for title

-explosion at the end that solves everything

-girl fight in water

and best of all -person hosting something that you know will get everyone kill denies problem or won't listen

Oh and by the way, Gatoriod sounds a lot like Gatorade. Just pointing that out.

However, the main character guy didn't get the girl at the end. Wow very original. Nice one guys. But why didn't he? because he's a nobody? No, because once all the crocodiles and snakes are blown up from the explosion there happens to be just one snake head, yes just the head that eats her and then dies. And this is possible because it is backed up from an earlier scene when one of the scientists says that a snake's head can still survive for a short period of time without it's body. Makes total sense.

Absolute Zero (2006) (TV)
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not as bad as people say it is, 11 June 2011

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OK so the acting, dialogue and all the other stuff isn't as bad as people said it was; it wasn't good.

The thing I will say is that the science is all wrong. They said that science is never wrong. Well unless their talking about some other kind of science, either they're wrong or science is wrong.

If you haven't seen this movie then it's about the magnetic field is acting all goofy and north is south and south is north. And somehow that's going to bring in a new ice age. Tropics are icy, icy is tropic, dry is wet and wet is dry. So Miami (where it's mostly taking place) will somehow get so cold that the temperature will be absolute zero (- 273C).

Now this has never happened because if it did, the atoms themselves would stop moving and collapse on themselves. Why? Because atoms cannot get any colder. But if this would happen there would have to be any light for billions of light years. This will not happen on earth because the sun isn't that far away.

And also oxygen will solidify at -218.4C. If it got at like -200C we would be literally be swimming in liquid oxygen for a split second and then freeze to death. So if your breathing your swimming.

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So stupid, 15 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all I didn't even want to see this movie. I got a friend to convince me to see it. So I watched it on HBO and I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I mean I thought the video game graphics were just for the preview. I didn't think that it was in the actual movie. There's this one part where one of Romona's ex-boyfriend uses his psychic powers to throw Scott Pilgram (Michael Cera's character) up into the sky. And one of his friends asks him how does he have these powers. He says he's a vegan. I'm sorry but someone should of told me that this took place in an alternate universe where also there's vegan police that take your psychic powers away if you don't eat vegan. Oh and also somehow Scott head butts the ex-boyfriend and some how explodes into coins.


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