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The only comedy on your shelf is the taste that went into choosing those films.
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Your taste sucks. Here's how it must look.
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Some of them are well known, others not so much. Give them a shot...or don't. I'm still better than you.
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Feel free to make suggestions.
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Welcome to the cinematic world of Stephen King! This guide includes films directly adapted from King's work as well as the sequels and remakes (sans shorts) spawned from it.
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I am "The Douchebag" and this these are the films I consider to be my favorites. I hope you enjoy!
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Good? Bad? That's completely up to you. Feel free to make your own suggestions.
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You've seen us typing on our laptops at Starbucks on the next great American novel. You've seen us chatting about Kurosawa in the aisles of Barnes and Noble. You may have even heard us scoffing from the back row of the newest Martin Lawrence film. We're only there to be ironic, we're smarter than you and we want you to hear it.

Here's a list of films we find to be "must-see" sci-fi cinema. Outside of a few scant entries, this list does not contain the kind of overblown action-crap you worship. These make you think, which is something we know you do little of...BECAUSE WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU.

Seriously though, this list has some amazing films on it and it's all in fun. Feel free to suggest films like The Fountain, Donnie Darko, Minority Report, Gattaca, Dark City and Inception...but we won't listen to you...remember...douchebags.
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You don't know jack about Kung Fu, which is why you're reading this list. Don't be ashamed, let The Douchebag guide you step-by-step into Kung Fu nirvana!

This list is subjective but, for the most part, 100% better than yours. Maybe. Probably. It is. Anyhow, if you have a recommendation, please feel free to comment.
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We all prostrate ourselves before George A. Romero's original three Dead films but what about the films that are actually BETTER? We know there are some, we just don't want to be the ones to admit it.

These may or may not be better than Romero's films, that's up for you to decide. I list 'em, you whine about 'em. Feel free to make your own suggestions.