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"Big Time Terror" is what great TV is made of!!!!!!! CLASSIC TV!!!!, 19 May 2010

I have never written a review before. I am a single mom with 3 kids and every week we watch Big Time Rush. My boys love the show but last week their father, my ex, came over for dinner and after a very tense family meal (which i made from scratch!), we sat down as a family and watched the most recent episode of Big Time Rush, "Big Time Terror". I'd be lying if I didn't say that in this case, TV brought us together...well dinner brought us together, but big time rush kept us laughing all night! oh and btw, Gustavo Rocque (Stephen Kramer Glickman) is one of the most underrated funny men on the planet. he is super funny in big time terror and its great to see him getting more screen time. i watch for him, my kids watch for the boys, all and all its a big time hit for the whole family 50 thumbs up! rocque on! Tracy Donaldson