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Robin Hood (2010)
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Good movie, 17 May 2010

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I find go into films like this (title is the same but is a story variant) with a very open mind. I'm glad I did.

It was very Ridley Scott. I knew what to expect of the film the King Richard was killed in battle and Crowe's character was named Robin Longstride instead of Locksley. It reminded me of Gladiator in some points, maybe a bit too much. The fight scene's were not as violent, very little blood, as Gladiator but were gripping enough.

I would like to note that I have not been disappointed by a friar Tuck ever. This friar delivered like all the others.

I was surprised at Alan Doyle(Great Big Sea). He performed very well and his music added a nice touch to the film.

The first half of the final fight was taken right out of Saving Private Ryan though. Even the French boats resembled that of the American ones.

all in all a good movie worth going to see.

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If it were 12-40 year old men going to see teenage girls take their shirts off. Someone would call the cops., 17 May 2010

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I didn't read the novels, let's get that out of the way. I'm not here to review the novels, I'm here to review the movie. I saw this movie with my girlfriend. She didn't even enjoy it that much. Let's start with the acting, if you can call it that. Kristen showed no emotion at all. I was told that's what her character was sort of supposed to be like. Whenever she was on the screen it felt like was watching a bas Jr.High play. Robert wasn't very convincing either. It was weird seeing him in this role. He was good enough in Harry Potter but he seemed to be trying too hard. Taylor was the best of the three, but that's not saying much. He was the only believable main role. The film story. Was so empty. I could tell that these novels were never supposed to be on the big screen just form seeing the movies. There were parts that just kind of zipped by. The story itself seems like a load of bull to me, but thats just me. The film. At least the CGI improved. Parts that really bugged me. When Jacob took his shirt off. All the girls swooned and cheered. I almost yelled back "You're all perverts!" but felt that to be unnecessary. But come on, that's what I'd be called if a cheered at an 18 year old girl taking her shirt off. When the native guy died. I didn't know his character enough to really care. Bad job film, bad job. Characters attitudes. Well, I didn't know that girls felt that people who basically stalk you, are depressed at every little thing, sneak in your room while you sleep, and never age were so attractive. And there's another side to this shown in the movie. The woman who was attacked by her "werewolf" lover. I call that abuse, but again, thats just me. Parts I liked. The credits, my suffering ended. And when Jacob said "You're making me angry!" I had to stop from laughing. I leaned to my girlfriend and said "You won't like me when I'm angry. I turn into a big green wolf with purple pants!" Work. Yeah, I worl at a theatre. There were people lined up before I even showed up for the midnight show. SEVEN FRICKEN HOURS early. And they must have been 13 or 14 years old. I didn't get a break for the next three days at work. FInal thoughts. Dryer than toast. All in all a bad film. Don't expect much more from the one coming out next month. A bunch of nerds playing dungeons and dragons for two weeks could play through a more convincing story than this. Vampires can't read minds, make you feel pain by looking at you, can't see the future, and DIE in sunlight. They don't f%&$ing sparkle! This series went from a book that had potential to a complete and obsessive mess. I fear my children will be going to school with a bunch of Edward's, Bella's, and Jacob's. I'm done ranting. Not a very good movie. *** out of 10 for trying. Stick with bloodsucking killers and violent beasts.

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Its a different type of humuor. Get over it, 17 May 2010

I saw the original when it came out on DVD and loved it. It was my kind of humuor. The actors made it seem like it was actually happening in a real life situation. The 2010 version did not live up to it. However you must take a look at how things are. Most people would find the British one to have dry, plain, almost dull sense of humor with no real delivery. Although as mentioned before it was more believable. The American version is exactly that. The same movie written for American audiences. The humor is what they are used to seeing, something more directly funny than witty funny. I saw this movie knowing it wouldn't be like the original in humor style. If you enjoyed the original you should enjoy this one unless you believe that it should live up to the original. If you haven't seen the original but are familiar with the cast I still recommend this movie.