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I truly believe a much better adaptation of this could've been accomplished, even with the same cast that is used for Fox's Gotham. Here is what I would've done instead. Pay close attention to the notes BELOW whatever biographical credits are listed for the actor or actress.
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Ignoring Joel Shumacher's two films, if Tim Burton and Michael Keaton ever teamed up again within the next few years to make the first official sequel to Batman Returns, it would make sense to go with Batman Beyond: After failing to save Mayor Hamilton Hill (Michael Murphy) from the scarred Harvey "Two-Face" Dent (Billy Dee Williams) and The Riddler (Johnny Depp), Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) hangs up the Batman costume for good, tracks down Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfieffer), marries her, and has a couple kids. Years later, crime runs rampant in Gotham City, leaving the police unable to cope. Enter Terry McGinnis (Zac Efron), whom takes up the mantle of Batman Beyond, looking to avenge the death of his father and punch crime in the face.
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Current writing projects for myself and a friend, based on the Resident Evil video games by Capcom, the TV series Arklay reimagines the investigation into the Cannibal Cult Murders that plagued Raccoon City's inhabitants before the events that went down in Raccoon Forest. In the same universe, S.T.A.R.S. reimagines the Special Tactics And Rescue Service and their exploits prior to going into Raccoon Forest. The first ten are the stars of Arklay. The second ten are the stars of S.T.A.R.S.. All others are season regulars and guest stars for the two series'. Descriptions will explain more fully.
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Beware The Batman is an interesting take on Batman and his colorful cast of characters. Sadly, there have only been eleven episodes actually released, despite that there are two more episodes "Attraction" and "Fall" to air and 13 more that haven't been revealed. If Cartoon Network ever releases more episodes, I will update this list properly to reflect my new views. At least, in February, I'll be able to finally see "Attraction" and "Fall" since they'll be on the DVD release of the first half of the season.
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The name says it all. Batman: The Animated Series had a lot of amazing episodes, but, for me, there were 10 that stood out the most that I find the most fun to re-watch.
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This is for a screenplay that I am writing myself, not affiliated with Paul W. S. Anderson's script (whether started or not). The sixth film in the Resident Evil movie franchise: The Red Queen (Megan Charpentier) plans to end the human race, and it is up to Project Alice (Milla Jovovich) and her friends to stop her once and for all where it all originally began: The Hive.
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Characters that I think Paul Walker should've gotten a chance to play. He'll be greatly missed. Incomplete. Will add more as ideas come.
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A live action series for Spider-Man based in the same universe as the Marvel Movie Franchise and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series.
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Considering how terrible Hollywood has been over the past several years, changing iconic characters at the drop of a hat just cause they can, and casting people that shouldn't be cast as characters as well, I can just about see some terrible casting for the next Batman film... They've already made the wrong move with Bruce Wayne...
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The CW Presents Gotham - A show about Bruce Wayne, returning to Gotham after years abroad, training to end the corruption and crime that plagues his city. Based in the same universe as Arrow. The first 8 listed are the main characters of the show. Everyone else are guest stars that would appear here and there when needed. The show would last over 10 seasons, 22 episodes each season.
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This is a cast list for a television adaptation of the popular Resident Evil video games from Capcom.