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There is no such thing as a bad Breaking Bad episode, but some just happen to shine brighter than others.

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Listing all material that has taken place in the Whoniverse, episode by episode.
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Listed in order of preference.
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Listed in order of contempt.
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Listed in order of preference.

Note: I have completed and thoroughly explored the features of all these games.
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A ranking of one of the most controversial shows on television.
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A show that truly ran the gamut of quality, the average episode of 'The X-Files', however, never failed to be interesting... even if they occasionally failed to be actually good.
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A list of all the media that I believe to take place in Christopher Nolan's Batman universe. The list is arranged in the order with which the media should be viewed.
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No Doctor Who episode is without it's charm, but for a show that is known for experimentation and general insanity, its inevitable that some episodes end up being pretty poor.

Note: This list also ranks one or two mini-episodes that are of particular significance.
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Listed in order of preference.
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From official and unofficial theatrical releases to TV specials and video games (though not tie in video games... the line needs to be drawn somewhere), this list accounts for every single actor to play a notable role as a villain or henchman (or any villainous extras their actors may also have played in other Bond movies) in a Bond fictional work... as well as a rating of the quality of their performance.

Note: In progress.
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I personally think the British are the undisputed masters of comedy. Although I believe their genius is more particularly evident in television than film (see such shows as Black Books, Yes, Minister/Prime Minister, and Fawlty Towers), their contributions to cinematic comedy are not to be underestimated... as I hope to demonstrate here.

Listed in order of release.
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My dream cast for a television series adapted directly from the video games. Lest we remember the existing Hitman film.

Note: If anyone on this list dies after 19/06/2012, they shall not be replaced.