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Housefull (2010)
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house full nonsense!, 18 December 2010

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This movie has cheap comedy which has been repeated by the director in his earlier movies. This movie has the most silly song "He is such a loser". The songs are okay but over-hyped as usual in bollywood movies. This movie's climax is the worst. Akshay Kumar does not overact as much as his usual movies for change. It is the girls that overact especially Lara Dutt. Many scenes were stolen from various Hollywood movies. The scene which had akshay and monkey slapping each other went on for around 10 mins. I prefer priyadarshan-akshay combo than sajid-akshay combo simply because priyadarshan is a much better comedy director. There are similarities with hey baby. Unless you want to watch a brainless flick, don't waste money on it.

You don't want this Alexander, 9 December 2010

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There is a reason this movie flopped in the box office. Mohanlal does a decent job. Bala speaks bad English but his girl is beautiful. Jagadeesh overacts little than usual. Siddhique being a villain does not have much to do except hold a cellphone and talk. Alexander is a math genius so he wins a global math quiz which helps bala escape to his house with Alexander and his pretty girl. The money lenders are after bala so he needs to escape from them. The plot is a letdown and seems to misuse Mohanlal's skills. There is no chemistry between the actors. Nedimoodi Venu is wasted in his doctor role. The story drags a lot and you get easily bored.

Lollipop (2008)
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This is not a lolipop!, 9 December 2010

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Lolipop-what kind of name is that to put for a youth film? Songs,story is weak compared to chocolate. It seems the director failed in his attempt to make a comedy movie. This is not worth wasting time on. The chocolate girl overacts just like prithviraj in this movie. Jayasurya is the only one worth seeing in this movie even though it was only a mediocre role. Jagathi,bhavana,suraj,biju are wasted in this movie. There are many loopholes and the film has no momentum. It was a wonder this movie did average in the box office. Prithviraj flexing his muscles like hrithik roshan was unimpressive. There is no connection to the audience when watching. Boban was decent but he was wasted too in his movie.

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what a dull movie but nice songs!, 26 June 2010

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Nice songs by a.r rahman.There was a rumour that he composed these songs and send it through his cell phone. The choreography of yedoma song is bad.The hero in this movie is cold acting with no emotions in many scenes and bad emotions in other scenes and he cannot even dance normally. This director is supposed to be a good director but this movie is a disaster and a big flop. Priyamani is wasted in this.This is like a fantasy movie where the hero is dreaming about her all the time without actually making love to her. A.R Rahman wasted his talent for this movie.

The scene where the hero gets angry is funny as it is so unrealistic. The hero looks handsome but actor he is not.I don't think he ever acted again in any movie because of the shock.

For an average person it is a sheer waste of time.The conclusion is so unrealistic also.I gave 2 stars only for the songs.

Cop Out (2010)
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not bruce wills standard movie!, 3 June 2010

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This movie fails in action,good comedy and romance. The plot was lame.Bruce wills was given a normal cop character which he plays cool way without needing to put any effort in it. Tracy morgan,the loudmouth is always suspicious of his wife cheating on him and a fan of action movies.He was a milshake mascot in one scene which was lame with him cycling.The only character who is worth seeing is the guy stiffler from American pie.He was psycho and funny in his bit parts.The bald Mexican villain with his baseball bat as a weapon was cheesy. don't waste your money on this even on DVD.Rent and return it if u must see this movie. There are too many loopholes.My friends liked the cheap comedy and i was like "duh,you guys like cheap comedy?".Very unconvincing plot. Bruce wills as the father who needs to pay for his daughter's wedding is not the first time playin this role.My thinking was how lucky some brides are to expect their father's to pay for their wedding expenses and they just smile and kiss with their fiancé.

Bhoothnath (2008)
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booo for kids!, 2 June 2010

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srk in his short role was useless and could not save this movie. Juhi is humorous and nice in her role as a mother.Amitabh was OK in his role.The kid was cute but this movie is boring for adults. special effects/computer effects have been wasted.There is similarity to baghban story in parts of the father and son.This might be a nice movie for kids.Songs were lame.The son character was not very convincing. Rajpal yadev was silly with ghost playing tricks on him but i guess he suited his role.This movie has loopholes and u will notice once you see the full movie.The kid was chubby and I think he acted in baghban also. Amitabh with his unclean long nails look ugly.Do all ghosts not take bath or clean themselves everyday?Srk's back is shown most time when he talks on cellphone and looks very busy even in the movie.

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what a cool comedy movie for a malayalee, 31 May 2010

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Mohanlal-Vasco DA Gama is the th ala(head) of his gang.Good supporting characters.Jagathi as pattukum bashir entertains especially with his introduction scene where the mortal combat song is played. Indrajit had short role along with manikuttan and bhavana as talkative girl who is an auto driver suits her role.Her father raj an p Dev is real funny especially the scene where he is drunk and invites mohanlal to come into his house. Mani is good along with his crazy talkative abusing mother. Predictable movie but its comedy is the highlight of this movie. Shakila also has some screen space(another selling point) mohanlal funny dance intro is nice. Songs are ala.....and vasco DA Gama. Suraj has a short role and gets beat up by mohanlal for the first time in a Malayalam movie.

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see it for the songs especially prithviraj singing!, 29 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a fresh movie from prithviraj who delivers his role as a Brahmin's who studies in engineering college and because of jealousy from Bale ends up beaten when Bale's crush gets closer to him.

The song pitch vetch Nan.... sung by shank mahadevan is such a melodious song, Tatum mu tum song is fun to listen to and choreography looks nice,rehesayamai is OK but location suits the song.

The chemistry between prithviraj and priyamani looks fresh. Bale suits his role and he's gotta change his simple hairstyle and look more stylish if he wants to woo girls in his movies like prithee.

the Brahman girl me era vasudevan(who in her interview once confessed that she had a crush and wanted to marry Tamil actor Surya-yeah right, never happened dear).

I remember priyamani's interview where she said she would choose to work with Robert DE Nero and brad Pitt when she gets her a joke,you never even stepped in Hollywood yet dear...

jagathi was nice but less space time unfortunately. Prithviraj sung well Kane Kane.... This movie was an attempt to create prithviraj as a mass hero as it worked with the Malayalam audience.They will surely make a remake of this movie either in Tamil,Hindi,Telugu..wait and see

The actions were gravity defying stunts and unbelievable but good cinematography.The only let down was the plot, very predictable.

The scene where he plays tabla on the professor's mike stand was my favourite scene as well as the Brahmin's girl biting his hand(nice romantic scene)for him not to miss her.

Angel John (2009)
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worst mohanlal movie!, 29 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

maradona(funny name for a malayalee guy) is the only son of his parents and he is spoilt.He flerts with older women, watches porn in locked room, shows his underwear style(which I hate from guys showing off in front of girls in today's generation).Yes Mr director we understand what you are trying to say about the spoilt youth in today's generation but you did not have to bring a excelled actor like mohanlal in this poor directed movie.Mr angel comes out of nowhere huh?

If I was the director and wanted to say this kind of story, I would have introduced mohanlal like a common man met by sheer incident by the lead actor and then the climax he realizes that in reality there is no man like that.

The lead actor is handsome,has dimples that can woo girls and has scope for some cheap comedy but his serious expressions are not convincing one bit.

jagathi and bijukuttan are just fine in their roles but no nice comedy as expected from them.

what made me laugh is when mohanlal walks with a rose with his wig hair and girls say "oooo so handsome,hot,cute".YEA RIGHT!!!!! It can be believable if it was mammooty but mohanlal? yuck NO

I know the potential of mohanlal as an actor-he can do so many splendid performances,but his directors let him down in movies like this.

If any directors is seeing this- Understand first that mammooty is good looking and mohanlal is not hot!

Don't spoil the reputation of a splendid actor like mohanlal with movies like this.I don't think if even mohanlal was the lead and some one else was angel, this movie could be saved.

The karate master? could have been mani, would hav been a little more believable instead of a skinny comedy actor.

The lead actress was OK looking,boring and was more dumb and foolish.Is this how an actress should be?

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best sequel in Malayalam cinema so far!, 15 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sequels are challenging especially if the former is a super hit. This movie had the right dose of humour,sentiments,suspense for all in harihar nagger fans.Jagadeesh after a long time is back in a good comedy role and he is loud but humorous most scenes. The ending was nice and was not very predictable. famous line "Thomas kuttiye vitto da" by mukesh to his friends is the best line in in harihar nagger and this time is no different. Lakshmi rai(Known as Indian cricketer captain dhoni's girl and is a tami actress) also plays her part little better than OK.

This movie is the best Malayalam sequel so far.

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