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I present a list of my favorite films. Includes films from several countries and from several eras. The most important factor in selecting the pictures is emotional impact and entertainment value that caters to my specific cinematic needs which mostly includes (but not limited to) surreal imagery, satire, and/or depressing content matter.

I will rate the cinematic components of each film. If the film is the best I've seen in a certain category the film will receive an 11 out of 10 as to give a bonus to films that are the best in that category. Thus, there will be no 10's given, unless I think films are equal in some circumstances. The additional point will provide a buffer that rewards the film for being the best in its respective category. Any suggestions are welcome.

The categories are: Cinematography, Editing, Story/Writing, Emotional impact, Ending, Flow/rhythm, Mise en scene, Social Impact, and Music. Although some films may have a higher average than others, the films will be rated as I see fit.

Listed in order with #1 Underground being my most favorite film ever.
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The 14 films listed are the most discombobulating, imaginative, and/or free-formed narratives I've seen. They are NOT the best surreal films, in fact the average rating I've given them is barely positive (roughly 6 out of 10) but they are the more mesmerizing and enchanting of the genre. Two short films and 12 live-action feature length films make the list. I won't give much of a description on the surreal elements of the films because that always ruined films of these types for me. I still have about 40 more surreal films on my must-see list so I will update this one periodically if a newly viewed film has bested these 14 films.
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Short, sweet, and imaginative, the following shorts are some of the most important films of the 20th century.