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Enjoyable, quirky half comic vampire horror flick., 7 May 2010

This film, though, by the lack of a conclusive finish, should probably be considered as the first in a series, is a half comic visiting of the old vampire legend. With a cast of well known names and an array of pretty imaginative freaks, the plot has high school best friends Steve and Darren lining up on opposite sides of a war a-borning between two factions of vampire (divided by their separate meal time philosophies). While an admittedly tame treatment of the subject of blood suckers, the film is worth watching for the cast and some fairly memorable one-liners as well as the interactions between members of the 'Cirque du Freak' where our protagonist and his mentor find refuge, friendship and, of course, romantic interests. I enjoyed it, and found myself googling to see if there was a sequel as soon as the film ended (of course it's a cliffhanger, so I figure that's natch).