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Iron Man 2 (2010)
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What are these naysayers talking about. This is a great sequel!, 17 May 2010

If just for the comedy in this film it rates an 8 IMO. This has a new twist story line; great action; new science; and more laughs than I could count. The humor is fast and always coming until the very end. It's also intelligent because it makes you think about the science and the possibility of peace. In fact, the only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because it seems that all movies today need to blast your eardrums out to get people into the theaters. Hopefully, they'll learn that when you get these movies to your standard home theaters, there's a problem balancing volume for dialog and action.

I thought it was a great sequel and can't imagine what the people who have been cutting it down here on IMDb were talking about. Thank goodness I didn't just read these but listened to people that saw it here.

Go see it - if you liked the first you won't be disappointed. I promise.

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The cameras were shaken but the audience not stirred., 15 November 2008

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I agree as many that the MTV style of frenetic direction is annoying. I've just believed that it was a factor of my age since I've been around for all of the Bond movies if that's a hint.

That being said, the biggest problem with this movie for me was the absolutely unwarranted and incorrectly portrayed attack on renewable energy. In this case - a solar/hydrogen system to produce electricity for a hotel.

I'd bet my bottom dollar that the oil industry helped finance this movie. The comment about fuel cell noise being a pain (ridiculous) and then showing hydrogen tanks being exploded with yellow/orange soot filled flames was foolish. Anyone with first year science knowledge knows that hydrogen when burning during the day doesn't have a visible flame. It certainly isn't the massive cloud like flames that have been used in every action movie's explosive scenes since the dawn of time. That part of the movie went beyond ridiculous.

Also like others I hated the song but I watched the movie and walked away thinking that it wasn't great but not terrible, so justified my expense of seeing it on the big screen and was an enjoyable evening out with my wife.

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Incredible Movie, 6 August 2005

This is one of my all time favorite films. There are many sad underpinnings to this film and it is difficult to watch without crying. Still, while I highly recommend it, the truth of its subject on missionary attempts to save the souls of "so called" savages often makes me sick! The self righteous who think nothing of destroying cultures in the name of their god is a sad tale but true. It has been going on for centuries and still happens today.

On another sad note, I have been trying to buy the DVD for over 5 years and it's still not available. Can anyone tell me why you can buy garbage on DVD everyday of the week and yet an outstanding film with superb directing, acting, scenery and story has not been transferred to digital?