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mildly entertaining, 30 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you enjoy watching HGTV remodeling shows, like watching attractive looking people, enjoy different cultures you will get some enjoyment from this.

If you are impatient with implausible behaviors, not accepting of plot holes and think "can cultural norms really be this different?" you will have more difficulty liking this film.

Since when it is an owners responsibility to provide a meal for workers? Why would a couple fall under the sway of someone who is obviously a con man, so easily? Why would the person who holds the purse strings open them for their mate at the behest of the con man? Why would a woman submit so easily to a cheap sexual relationship when her own mother deserted her for the same reason? When we know the heroine is the recipient of her mothers property + a sizable amount of cash, why is there no explanation of her sisters inheritance from their mother? Or lack of?

When a tragic accident occurs why would the characters not immediately call in authorities rather than try to cover up something that is immediately understandable?

The Dinner (2017/I)
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upsetting but not for reasons film maker would like, 6 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a very unpleasant, long, annoying, upsetting, unsettling, psychological family story set (part of) in a posh restaurant, where the service was long, annoying, upsetting, unsettling and gratuitously aggravating and where it would be hard to believe anyone would actually pay for the dinner.

Other than that it was too long, too fractured, Laura Linley wore the wrong outfit for such a post place. Steve Coogan looks like he is ill IRL and of the evil characters he is the most egregious.

It is possible to feel sympathy for a mentally ill person without being subjected at too great length to a display of their illness. I mean if a movie is about removing someone's gall bladder we don't have to watch the whole operation to understand what is going on.

I was thrilled when I saw the exterior of the house the one couple supposedly lived in and then when we saw the interior it was so obvious that no attempt at all had been made to "match" the interior with the exterior, that it just shows what a shoddy job the whole film was. When I say the entire most enjoyable scene was a classroom of laughing students I do not exaggerate. Give this hot mess a miss

A wonderful brilliant and very sad movie, 6 May 2017

My husband and I just finished watching this movie. We both thought it was wonderful, although of course tragically sad. It was so realistic, so well acted, written and edited that not only is it the best movie we have seen in the past year, it would have to be one of the best ever.

We loved the choice of some classical music, the setting of Manchester (?) is beautiful and lends an element of stability, charm, class, to content of seediness, language, and very flawed characters.

I have a relative (young) who wants to direct/write movies. I would consider a movie like this written/directed by him a remarkable achievement

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a really terrible movie, 7 April 2017

About the best thing I can say about this movie is that Kate Winslet's makeup always looked good and also her clothes.

It seemed to be trying to copy lots of other film makers, trying to be funny (it wasn't) trying to be strange a la Tim Burton, failed miserably. The people, the setting, the behaviors all were just unsettling and depressing.

We were watching on Amazon and wanted to check the length of time left. When we saw it was over an hour (and this after a major plot development) we threw in the towel.

Few of the characters were likable, fewer admirable, sets, life styles, customs settings all bleak and dreary.

could have been better, 2 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched the entire original trial and even wrote letters after the acquittal to the Goldmans, Marcia and Chris, I think the Browns too. Anyway the most enjoyable thing about this production is the back story. The actors seem well cast with one exception. Cuba Gooding may be a very good actor but he is no O.J. He is too small and not nearly as handsome or charming or charismatic as O.J. was.

It is fun to watch and learn of the machinations of the defense team. If Marcia Clark was truly suffering the kind of domestic problems as portrayed here she was clearly miscast as lead prosecutor. But Sarah Paulson does a good job.

The murders, the trial, the broncho chase, the lifestyle, etc. I know and knew so in a way I am probably not the usual viewer. It is the private lives of the attorneys and their lifestyles and strategy sessions that interested me the most.

I was at the time and remain completely convinced of Simpson's guilt.

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A frightening warning about what we can expect from a Hillary presidency, 26 July 2016

This documentary does not deal with Hillary until towards the end of the movie. It is really a history of both the Republican and the DEmocratic party and how the flaws and benefits attributed to them in the eyes of the public have been woefully misrepresented and switched. It is the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln and those Republicans in the North who were abolishinists and who freed the slaves. The KKK were Democrats. Black people in the south were not allowed to own guns after being freed, that is how the KKK was able to dominate for so many years. To say that this movie has only one viewpoint is absolutely correct. However it is also fact filled and anyone is able to verify the truth of what Dineesh says. The facts are there for anyone to absorb and ponder, if Hillary is elected, America as we know it will no longer exist. It doesn't matter what attributes TRump has or doesn't have. It is important to keep the Clintons & Democrats from that power, a negative power already in place. Dineesh compares the lives of blacks and other minorities as still being lived on "PLantations" in other words, the slums and crime riddled large cities of America, like Chicago and Baltimore and warns that we will all be living on "plantations" with a Clinton presidency. The audience viewing this movie with my husband and me were older people as we are. People who can remember the corruption, bigotry and mass murders of the second world war. We know it can happen here and it would not be because of a Trump presidency, no matter how the liberals would like the American public to believe that. Don't forget the Clintons and their allies have had a long time to put this in place.

45 Years (2015)
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somber and unpleasant characters, 7 February 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

the first thing that struck me was the similarity of the names of the two significant women in Geoff's life; The similarity was reinforced when Kate says was Katya blond and he says No. Dark haired as Kate had been also when they met.

Then when Kate goes to the attic to see what she could find out about Katya and she has a slide show (unfortunately for this film reminiscent of the attic scene in National Lampoons Christmas vacation) we see that Katya, besides being pregnant is also rather somber faced as is Kate.

I actually did not like either of these people; Kate or Geoff, but felt less sympathetic to Kate. Geoff received major and very upsetting news. Kate acted like in 15 minutes he should no longer be talking about it. They did not seem to have a happy or even a very sharing . . . in any way. . . marriage. Maybe because of their childlessness they had a smoother and at the same time less challenging relationship but it seemed the main theme was avoidance.

As a survivor (yes) of this year a 55 year marriage, a movie like this makes me realize how rich, diversified, and maybe lucky we are to have. in the words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, arrived safe on the other shore. This will never happen for Kate and Geoff.

Boy (2010/I)
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A special and unexpected delight, 13 March 2015

WE watched this movie tonight on Netflix and both liked it very much. We are old and live in Maine USA which is about as far away as you can get from the setting of this movie, but the themes are universal. Poverty, neglect, crime, stupidity, charm, delight, love, The main problem we had was in not always understanding the dialogue, but actually that didn't really matter and with a roku you can back space and catch up. Both the brother actors were wonderful. All the actors were very good. I could not understand what nationality the characters were. My husband said Polynesisan. But that didn't matter. I would definitely recommend this to a sensitive, understanding viewer.

Closure (2013/VIII)
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Everyone should watch this film, 10 March 2015

If they did it might eradicate much of racial discrimination, misunderstandings. I absolutely loved this film and was in tears through most of it. My own family has become multi racial through, adoption, marriage and birth.

First who would not love Angela with her wonderfully mobile face? Her enthusiasm, sensitivity, talents and intelligence. All of the people were lovely (and flawed too) and kudos to her husband who so fairly must have edited many hours of film to get this story told so concisely and yet so fully. This made me feel really proud of my country. That we can learn and change, that basically people are good are willing to experience different ways of thinking. When I say all of Angela's family were lovely, I mean in their willingness to bond over this one person whom they all love, I don't mean that individually they did not have faults, that obviously is so, more so in some cases than in others. But as adoptive mother, Theresa says this is not the place to dwell on faults, this is a place to come together in acceptance and love. This movie has this in abundance.

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couldn't believe it!, 29 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am giving this first episode (and last for us) a 2 because it introduced us to the incredibly beautiful "devil's bridge" which was worth the really bad story we had to sit through. OH, where to begin? I began to think I had stumbled onto a really bad Welsh version of "the Orphanage" but no, it is was just an unbelievably ridiculous plot concerning a children's home, a cruel, cruel (yet beloved) caretaker, some mentally ill former children of the orphanage, rape etc.

We are asked to believe that a heavy set woman murdered in her very bloody bath (yet fully clothed when found in a deep ravine) was murdered and transported thus by a mere slip of a young woman. Further that a really large man could walk through the gallons of blood left at the scene of this crime without leaving any footprints in the blood! We are asked to believe that the housing for this orphanage was on a third floor whose current disrepair would probably have taken several hundred years to effect when the orphanage itself had been closed for maybe 10 or 12 years. We are asked to believe that no supervision was exercised over the matron of this home. That the happy children we see repeatedly in home movies were in fact children being incredibly mistreated, isolated and punished very strangely. That a rational, calm put together young woman was in fact the crazed perpetrator of a heinous crime and only shows this when it is necessary to wrap this story line up.

We started out with "The Fall", then progressed to "Happy Valley" then "Broadchurch" and now "hinterland" Interestingly, that is the order in which I would rank them as overall productions.

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