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A Rigged Scam, 28 March 2012

I've only watched 3 or 4 episodes. Here's what I've learned: 1. If you used to be a Miss Universe, you won't be fired because Donald Trump can't fire his actual employees on TV.

2. If you won't drop your sponsors like Michael Andretti to promote one of the Trump friendly companies you will be fired. You see Michael Andretti was fired for not putting his name on the Cadillac brand for $20,000 for his charity and thus he didn't loose his endorsements with whoever he is currently endorsing. But if you refuse to whore yourself out for Trump so that he can get millions instead of you, You're Fired.

What a joke of a show.

"Grimm" (2011)
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A Great Show In A Time Of Great Shows, 2 December 2011

I'm glad that the networks are finally competing for an audience again. A lot of TV series keep rehashing the same old stories and people are turning away to Cable TV for original shows.

I think "Grimm" is NBC's way of saying, "Hey there now, we're not giving up." Love the show, love the stories, was waiting for the next episode during Thanksgiving Weekend and now I'm waiting the week after and I have yet to see the next episode. I don't know why NBC is trying to kill this show by making its audience go somewhere else for entertainment.

Either way, the show is great, the stories are hella weird and this show is out there, along with American Horror Stories, the only two shows I'm currently watching on TV.