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Television for Idiots., 13 October 2008

Well, if there were every any proof needed that the reason Phoenix Nights was funny was because of Dave Spikey and Neil Fitzmaurice it was last nights horrendously unfunny broadcast for the bewildered. Channel 4 rolls in Peter Kay to state the obvious and show us that far from being able to muster up comedy on the fly, like say Ricky Gervais or Jimmy Carr, He spends years making something fit for the bargain bins at blockbusters along with all the live dvds of his repeated performances.

All in all proof of a man who managed to get together a decent set of gags and perform one good show....and take the credit for his obviously more talented writing team.

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A waste of their time, a waste of my time, 30 January 2006

God it was awful. Don't get me wrong, massive fan of both coogan and brydon and was expecting a tongue in cheek affair, but this film is so weary i almost left the theater.

Would have been stomachable as a TV drama/'comedy' but not an on screen bonanza.

The cinmea was full of titters at brydon's alan partridge impressions which quickly wore thin.

The best bit of the film was the two of them chatting at the end.

wait until it comes onto TV. One for the Tristam Shandy fans, not the Brydon/Coogan fans. Below par for two masters of understated comedy.

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The worst film I have ever seen, 22 August 2005

I honestly can't believe that some people have given this film good reviews! Thank god it only cost me £1. The film starts with a 16mm cine-film feel and genuinely looks like it might be 'creepy', this however fails when during the opening series a man holding a skull fades in and out of the picture going 'wooooo'. Christ. that was bad. Then the film... It was just a porno. That's all. and a rubbish one, i only masturbated once! Half the film is told by one security guard to the other in 'columbo' style acting, 'all people talk about is Charlie, Charlie Charlie'.

I honestly can't work out what the director was trying to do, perhaps a 'hillside strangler' type feel to the movie. but the acting in 'the hillside strangler' was on the whole, good. In this the acting is terrible. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!

(unless you want a quick ham shank)

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Tour De Force, 4 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why did i feel the need to comment on this movie when there are already 240 comments recommending it? Well, i felt that some people missed the point... if there was a point. This was simply an exterordinary story. Set in several different decades. The direction of the movie was unbeliveable and the actors involved were some of the best to have graced the screen in years. (SPOILER) the part with the 2 crying children about to be shot was particually moving and the acting was worryingly good. I loved the story of the appartment and the whole experience left a room full of my friends lost for words. Hopefully this will pave the way for more 'big budget' films from outside the U.S. We are getting tired....

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An utter waste of time, 28 March 2003

"The Lawnmower man's in your head now jake" Based upon a book about a man with green pubic hair, who eats grass this movie takes steven kings bizarre short story and integrates "state of the art" cgi. Brilliant (he said sarcasticly)