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This is a list with my watchced Bergman films and rated.
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Just a few masterpieces,in no particulary order(actualy some of the greatest are placed down in the list)
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Those are all my Godard movies that i have seen.My ratings are based on my own scale of rating(for me 10 is a masterpiece,and 4 means extremely bad),so please don't judge me about the order or ratings.We all have our own tastes.

Godard made only experimental films.Some are masterpieces,some are great for their innovations,but mediocre due to the lack of action and plot,and some are failures.He is the only director who i consider one of the best,although he has movies rated with 4 and 5.A living paradox.

I hope it will help Godard fans,or wanna be fans to have a view over this genius's films.