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Previously-listed titles which are now released by Criterion:

Rosmary's Baby
The Devil's Backbone
Odd Man Out
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A recurring list and by no means complete!
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"No, Mr. Bond... I expect you to die."
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Highly rated and often praised films considered to be "masterpieces" of which are found to be challenging, to say the least - Zzzzzz...
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A collection of films in which the primary and central focus is the people -- you know, what movies used to be about.
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This list starts off with some obvious and perhaps even now cliche, but none the less, classic choices... followed by some lesser known, "underrated" titles... and then continuing and ending with the movies your parents probably weren't too happy about you watching.
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Note: The characters may not necessarily be Christians, as well as certain aspects of their character being perhaps un-Christian... however much of their decisions and actions I believe tie in with Christian values. I will write under each film pinpointing such values.
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"Crap" movies that just so happen to be quite enjoyable, incidentally.
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Notable films made after World War 1 and prior to the second.
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"Well, that was a disappointment " :(
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1960s samurai cinema in all its monochromatic splendour.
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