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Not Intended to be "Real" News, 27 July 2005

Sorry people, you might be annoyed at this show, but the fact is, it's mostly entertainment. Hate it or love it, the hosts are just as annoying as the KTLA Morning News Team! Depending on what each individuals idea of "funny" is. The hosts have great chemistry and have done very well in ratings, often beating The Today Show in local ratings. The spin off, "Good Day Live" was great until they fired Jillian Barberie, then Dorothy and ratings went down 10% and finally got canceled. The local show, however continues to prove successful, as it recently extended its breakfast cast to three hours. For the one who said that this show should be canceled, it's highly unlikely. Given the fact that it's still the Fox 11 Morning News, and you can't cancel a morning news program. It's a public service. You could do yourself a favor, however. If you don't like it, change the channel!

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EX-treme Dating re-runs now daily on the Fox Reality Channel!, 22 July 2005

You can watch Jillian on EX-treme Dating everyday. It airs on the new Fox Reality Channel. On DirecTV, Fox Reality airs on Channel 250. Even though these are re-runs, you still get the witty and goofy antics of Jillian Barberie at her best. EX-treme Dating sends a guy/girl on a date. The twist is that their "EXes" are nearby watching and listening to everything going on. They are also trying to convince their date why not to go on a second date with their "EX". They expose secrets and personal info to try to persuade the date. In the end, the contestant opens a limo door to see if his/her date in inside. If their date is inside they get an all expense paid second date. If the "EXes" are inside, they win and receive a day of pampering at the spa, or a night out courtesy of the show.

Good Day Live is Dead!, 27 March 2005

Good Day Live has been cancelled. And it's about time! It was a mistake for Fox to fire Jillian Barberie. To make it worse, they fire Dorothy Lucey, the other Original host. Then they get two rejects as replacements, and try to boost the ratings. It didn't work, obviously. Before it's sad end, ratings were down 10 percent from a year ago, when Ms. Barberie was hosting. That's what Fox gets for not knowing talent when they see it. In the beginning, the show was actually a great spin-off of Good Day L.A.. But then it started airing "trash" stories I.E. "Tabloid Thursday." The success of "Good Day Live" is contributed to the chemistry between Steve Edwards, Dorothy Lucey, and Jillian Barberie. Hate them or love them, (or both) they made the show what it was for over ten years. Without the three of them together, the show was never the same.