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Best tradition we have that day, 23 September 2003

New years eve is good. But watching this short 18 min film every year make your problems seem small. Everyone see it soon. Hope you like as much as I do. Un fortunatly its in black and white but also it has its charm.

Great acting

2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:
Sequals never works well, how about number 3?, 22 July 2003

Well this is the third is the series. The first was good. The second I actually thougth was better. But in this third film I would have to say that a movie need more than: - Good (looking) actors - Good Filming - Good crew

If the script doesnt work its not worth doing. So get on in your life. Sofie Lassen Kalke has so much more to offer. Let her get another movie going instead