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Kick-Ass (2010)
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Kick Ass kicks butt, 5 September 2010

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I was prepared for this film to be dreadful . Shows what prejudging can do . This film is everything a movie should be . Fun,clever,moves like lightening with a wicked sense of humour and perfectly cast . No surprise comic book super fan Nic Cage does a turn as 'Big Daddy' father and mentor to Hit Girl who he blasts with bullets in the opening scenes .As BD Nic channels Adam Wests odd vocal delivery .Chopping everything into multi syllables .It is ,quite,funny. Another portrait Nic can hang on his wall . Chloe Moretz is a find . See this movie if you want to be entertained . The entire cast acquits themselves well . Red Mist is a real hoot while driving with Kick ass in his souped up hot rod . They both,Red Mist and Kick Ass, be bop to the music .

The Switch (2010/I)
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Rom-com of the awful variety, 22 August 2010

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Teaming Jason Bateman with Jennifer Anniston was an awful,casting, mistake .Zero chemistry . Was it not obvious at rehearsals ? Bateman has true comic timing and a expressive phisog (face) .Anniston is her typical blank slate .All Rachel all the time . "I'm not pessimistic, I'm a realist."spouts Wally. Scintillating dialogue does not abound . Turkey baster jokes should have been flying left and right .They weren't. Sperm confetti was flying,left and right, at the sperm donation party . Blasting Madonna's Papa don't Preach to underscore the naughty nature of this film was another huge mistake . Cornball, clichéd scenes are on full display . Jeff Goldblum runs away with this movie . As Leonard Wally's sidekick . His few scenes are hilarious .

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Schmaltz Fest, 15 August 2010

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Another piece of drek from hack writer Elizabeth Gilbert . The bowl of pasta should get a best supporting actor nod as it is the most animated thing in the entire movie . Julia Robert's braying laugh is thankfully little used in this Chick flick unextordinaire . Can you say self-indulgent ? Seeing Gilbert's journey play out on a 40-foot screen only magnifies the flaws lurking at the margins of the book. There are meltdowns, a rebound fling with David (James Franco) and then Liz sets off on a year-long trek to find herself, with planned stops in Italy, India and Indonesia. If she did find herself I wonder if she was as underwhelmed at her discovery as the audience was .