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Movies that have affected me in some way I consider positive, and that I feel could possibly be rewarding to someone else. An excessive inclusion of sci-fi, so if you didn't like sci-fi, you would probably be disappointed. Action movies are mixed with documentaries, and sappy love stories, classics and new releases. The only requirements are that I've seen them (and I remember something about them) and that I found something of value, especially if it was just fun.
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It's the opposite of my recommendations.
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Must watch (if you're a sci-fi freak) either because it's great or because it was ahead of its time, or had a quirky technology, etc.
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Sometimes a movie seems pointless until the last scene, and then the whole experience becomes worthwhile in an instant.

MAY BE MILD SPOILERS!!!! How the heck could I make such a list without some spoilage?
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Movies that I need to fetch and queue up.
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Films I never want to see.