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Thomas Eagleton, 29 October 2008

I found a tidbit of American history in this episode, which, I'm sure, will interest any and all who take the time and trouble to read this space.

The second contestant featured was the country's youngest district attorney at that time--a 28-year-old political up-and-comer from Saint Louis named Thomas Eagleton. In 1972, fifteen years after this episode, Eagleton would enter into a short-lived stint as running mate to the unsuccessful presidential candidate George McGovern--when it was revealed the former had undergone electroshock therapy, he was dropped from the ticket.

Robert Mazzella

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Remembering Jerry Reed, 5 September 2008

The recent passing of the actor and country-and-western singer Jerry Reed reminded me of this episode.

I've been hearing about a recent cable show in which Reed caught a fish, with the intent of taking it to a taxidermist, which, in turn, reminded me of this "Alice" episode, in which Reed, playing himself, caught a largemouth bass, also with plans to have it stuffed, and loaned it to Mel for safekeeping--the waitresses, however, seeing a note on the fish saying, "Special Bigmouth", mistakenly cut it up, prompting Mel's wrath.

The girls tried to make up for it by tossing a fish into Reed's motel room, while he was on the telephone--he saw the attempt, which caused him to joke, "The largemouth bass must be a flying fish, 'cause one just flew in here!"

Robert Mazzella

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They Tasted Like Chicken--Years Earlier!, 9 July 2008

I can't help but wonder if advertisers get some of their ideas from sitcoms.

I remember seeing this episode once on "TV Land" a while back, and one line just sticks out in my mind--when the survivalist couple found living in the sewer is brought before the Captain, the husband explains that they've been living on rats, whereupon the wife says, "You know, they taste just like chicken"--fifteen years or so before the line became common.

I wonder what other lines are lying in wait for future use in commercials.

Robert Mazzella