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Most talented "Saturday Night Live" actors and actresses to date. The order is given by the number of episodes they appeared in.
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These are comedies not included in my "Best 20 Comedies". They are just fine. Besides, I'm still not considering Police Academy worthed for my lists. The order is by the year of release. They're actually 31, not just 30, but you'll like it.
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This is a list of my favorite movies of all times, in alphabetical order, it's what I remember at the moment. A bunch of "must see", anyway :). I'm going to add descriptions, in time.
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This is my list, it’s very personal and I have to confess that I have had real difficulties to make it short, not with hundreds of items even if they may be so, because I watched with very few exceptions, a lot of the movies on other lists, some of them too old, other just praised or named “comedies” I don’t know why. The order just doesn't matter, made it alphabetically. It was published before at