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Gives new meaning to the word "lame", 16 April 2011

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What could have been a fun continuation of "The Mummy" series turned out to be so lame that it should never have been made. The concept was OK, but the script was horrible. One of the biggest disappointments was that Evelyn was replaced. If Rachel Weisz was not available or unwilling to do this movie then Evelyn O'Connell should have been written out not replaced by Maria Bello. I won't say that Ms. Bello can't act, but the bad script in conjunction with Ms. Bello having to try to be Rachel Weisz's Evelyn just did not work. Then there were the horrendous efforts at humor..."the yak yaked"...really? Pathetic.

This movie isn't worth watching even once.

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Everything Changes, 20 May 2010

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It's about time Brennan was unfocused, unsure and conflicted! Maybe next season will show a more 'human' Brennan. While the character shouldn't make extreme changes, the persistent complete lack of understanding living human interaction is irritating.

There is enough uncertainty to wonder if some of the characters will be returning next season. Hodgins, Angela, Dr. Saroyan, Sweets, and Miss Julian need to return for next season...Daisy, maybe. But, only the 6th season will tell.

Overall, a lovely ending to the season. AND, TJ Thyne has wicked gorgeous eyes!!

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Overkill but not Overdone, 11 May 2010

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Castle is one of the best shows on TV. Nathan Fillion initially drew me to the show because Firefly was a tremendous series that I hated to see canceled. I had seen Stana Katic in the pathetically lame movie "The Librarian" (what a waste of celluloid that was!) and was interested to see how her character would be portrayed.

The chemistry between Castle and Beckett is delightful and should not be rushed but ebb and flow like the tide. The entire series provides laughs, serious moments as well as thoughtful reflection.

This particular episode is fun but viewers know that Beckett and Demming are going nowhere at least not long term. Demming is a nice foil for Castle but no proper match for Beckett.

I hope this show remains on the air for many more years.

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Borderland, 11 May 2010

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Lovely twist...well done!!

NCIS rarely disappoints and this is another excellent episode. Plots, sub-plots and a cliff-hanger all in one; makes one wonder how Gibbs will come out of this situation. It appears to be the beginning of the set-up for the season finale major cliff-hanger.

NCIS is one of three network shows I watch as the major networks simply cannot produce interesting, clever shows. Far too many are laugh tracks over bathroom humor spewed by what should be more mature adults. While I find some of the characters on NCIS irritating, it is germane to the character, not bad acting or writing. David Bellasaro knows how to develop a show.

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Laughter, 19 April 2010

There was enough canned laughter to fill an entire isle at WalMart. It is distracting and annoying to be 'told' what is funny...all too often erroneously. The dialogue was contrived and stale. There may be potential but the writers and producers are going to have to put forth a better effort in future episodes. Alyssa Milano is a good actress but this show is not a good vehicle for her or any other actor. This is not a show I will watch in the future. Fortunately, some of the new cable shows are more promising. If others provide better reviews on future shows, I might, just might watch it again, but if it is still full of stale dialogue, canned laughter and poor story lines, I will not watch again.