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The Bounty Hunter (I) (2010)
better than the reviews say
18 April 2010
I really don't understand the harsh reviews here. Many are just not credible when they're overstating their dislike of the movie. What did they want? nudity, swearing, bathroom jokes? Jeez, not enough of that in Hollywood! This movie was exactly what I was expecting, so I liked it. This is not a Jim Carey movie so don't expect a silly, slapstick film. The script here is better than many movies I've seen lately that did better at the box office, so the only thing I can assume is that people went in with an expectation of a different type of film. If you don't go in with expectations of big laughs, but rather a nice movie about an ex in trouble and her slightly vindictive ex-husband taking pleasure in hauling her back for cash, you'll like this movie. That is, unless your more into just thinking what critics tell you to think. I'd like to see Butler do more of these movies.
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Rise of the Scarecrows (2009 Video)
time to QUIT the biz
18 April 2010
Let's be honest, most of us would give this so-called movie a zero if we could. I guarantee the high voters were all IN this sad attempt at movie making. What happened is this- a sad guy with dreams of movie making rounded up coworkers and friends and said "wanna be in a movie"? For those that answered, "I've never acted", the answer was "no problem". Not true, there are many, many problems. These people cannot write leaps to mind first. No budget, I can overlook that, but zero talent cannot be overlooked. For them the answer seems to be, nothing to say?, just swear. Other than actually calling this mess a movie at all, what bothers me is a guy running around calling himself a film maker, but not wanting to actually work. No effort to train himself or his "staff", no decent rehearsals or rewrites, no re-filming when the sound, picture, direction, acting, script, etc. is complete garbage. It seems that the only thing going here is a total amateur with the ability to get a piece of film unworthy of high school drama class quality to DVD. I'm completely serious to say that I would be embarrassed to put my name anywhere near this guy and his pretend work. If you must continue your "craft", go to school and get a clue.
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