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just OK, 23 April 2004

I had been looking forward to this movie for awhile but i found it disappointing and it was too preachy at times. Joseph L. Mankiewicz was pretty liberal and he just seems to be attacking the house Un-American activities and senator McCarthy. It might of been fine back in the early 50s but 50 years later it just doesn't work. Hume Cronyn is a doctor who hates Cary Grant and is looking through his past trying to find something bad so he can get him kicked out. Their really isn't any reasoning behind Cronyn and his motive and you really don't even know why he wants to take him down. The part with Grant marrying a patient who had shot herself because she found out she was pregnant really didn't work and it was just annoying. I really didn't buy anything in this movie and it just isn't very good.

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not bad, 21 April 2004

This wasn't one of Bette Davis best films and it wasn't her best performance even though she was nominated for best actress and then lost to Vivien Leigh for gone with the wind. It was the last of the four movies she made with Humphrey Bogart and it was the least of them with Marked Woman being the best and then The Petrified Forest. This was the first film I've seen of Ronald Reagan and i guess he was all right but nothing great. Bogart and Reagan don't have much to do and Bogart seems miscast as a horse trainer. Reagan is just hanging around with a drink in his hand and doesn't do much else. The plot has something to do with Davis getting a brain tumor and the doctor doesn't want to tell her but you can find that out for yourself when you watch it.

Psycho III (1986)
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not bad, 19 April 2004

Better than the second one but nowhere as good as the original. This one also has Anthony Perkins as a first time director and he does a pretty good job. The movie stars out with a girl who is about to become a nun loses her faith and start to scream that their is no god. She tries to kill herself but winds up killing another nun instead. She leaves and is picked up by a musician headed to L.A. and he is played by Jeff Fahey. He winds up with a job at the bates motel and she becomes friends with Norman Bates. A reporter is snooping around trying to find out about Norman and if he is still crazy. There are a lot more killings and more nudity than the second one and Anthony Perkins does a pretty good job as star and director.

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pretty bad, 15 April 2004

They should of quit making them after 1945's The Thin Man Goes Home. This is easily the worst of the bunch and it's even worse than the first one. There were only a couple of good thin man movies and the best ones had much more humor in them. This one is just pathetic and never should of been made. You don't care about any of the characters or who was killed and they are a bunch of bad actors anyway. William Powell seems to be just going threw the motions and doesn't even seem interested. The best scenes in the movie have to deal with Dean Stockwell who plays their son but you hardly even see him. Don't waste your time with this one and just watch Another Thin Man instead, at least that one also stars Jimmy Stewart.

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pointless remake, 12 April 2004

The 1936 version was a masterpiece or close to it and this is a pale imitator. I like David Niven and June Allyson but they suck compared to William Powell and Carole Lombard. This one stars Niven as a man hiding out because he doesn't have a passport unlike the original when Powell was just homeless. Allyson is on a scavenger hunt and takes Niven along with her and then hires him as a butler. She's in love with Niven and it turns out he had a lot of money but lost it but i don't remember and it doesn't really matter. The original was much better and you should just watch that one instead and Powell and Lombard were much better. Why did they even bother to remake this.

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not very good, 10 April 2004

Sort of reminds you of Elmer Gantry with Burt Lancaster but not as good. Barbara Stanwyck stars as a precher's daughter who father has just died and she goes out and tells off the members about what they did to her father. A man in attendance hears her and thinks she would make a great phony evangelist. They set up a big tent and promises to heal people but the only people healed are fakes. They are just in it for the money but Stanwyck doesn't like it. When she finds out she stopped a blind man from committing suicide, she wants to quit but her manager won't let her and would send her to jail. It just isn't very interesting and Stanwyck does a good job but It's disappointing.

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pretty good, 9 April 2004

This movie starts out with a guy telling you that this movie was real and that the truth was more exciting than some fiction story. It wasn't needed and should of been cut out. It starts out in 1951 and Joanne Woodward going to see a psychiatrist played by Lee J. Cobb because she has black outs and buys things and then can't remember anything. It turns out she has a multiple personality disorder and there is nothing she can do about it. She is sent to a state hospital and after she appears to be better she is sent home. She winds up getting worse and winds up with a third personality. Her husband divorces her and the psychiatrist tries to help her. Joanne Woodward is excellent and Lee J. Cobb is all right but nothing great.

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not bad, 9 April 2004

This movie has Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill and General Custer all together. Gary Cooper plays Wild Bill and Jean Arthur plays Calamity Jane and Charles Bickford plays the bad guy who sells weapons to the Indians and you can hardly recognize him. This was the first time Cecil B. DeMille and Gary Cooper worked together and the next movie the made was basically the same but set in a different time. This movie starts out with Lincoln's assassination and it also deals with an Indian war. Calamity Jane is in love with Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill has gotten married and now wants to stay home. This movie also deals with Custer's last stand and is far from accurate. Gary Cooper is good as usual and i usually don't like Jean Arthur but i liked her here.

The Ghoul (1933)
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pretty bad, 8 April 2004

I had never even heard of this before and i can see why. Apparently, this movie had been missing for many years and they actually found a print of it and too bad they did. This movie is a incomprehensible mess, you didn't even know what was going on and you didn't care. The plot has something to do with Boris Karloff having in his possession, something that will give you more life or something like that. Karloff is dying and he wants to be buried a certain way. He comes back to life and after that who knows what happens. There are several other characters in the movie but who knows what their doing. It didn't even make sense and you should stay away from this movie even if your a die hard Karloff fan.

El bruto (1953)
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pretty good, 8 April 2004

This was the first film I've seen of Luis Bunuel and this movie stars Pedro Armendariz as a strong guy with a lot of muscle but not a lot of brains. He his hired by a landlord to do anything to get the tenants to move out and he winds up killing an old man who was their leader. Katy Jurado is the landlord's wife and they have an affair. Pedro is chased by some of the men with weapons and hides out in the apartment of the girl who's father he killed but she doesn't know that. There isn't much else to the plot but there are several murders at the end but you can find out for yourself who is murdered. Pedro has worked with John Ford before and Katy Jurado was in High Noon and One Eyed Jacks.

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