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Under the Influence (#5.2), 29 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In this episode we have both Dylan and Donna under a certain influence and their friends try to get them out of it.

Donna is mainly under influence of her mother and she is also still not over David. Dylan is back to alcoholism and finding out that Kelly is now with Brandon makes it even worse for him.

The part of Donna and Dylan talking to each other was pretty great. And it also helped Donna, I have a feeling that Dylan will still bring problems as he didn't seem to quit drinking.

What I am also happy about is that there will now be more of Clare, she is sure an interesting character.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories (#5.1), 29 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode is the first one after Brenda's character has left the show. And i must say they managed to do it so that one doesn't really miss her. At least not yet. The main thing is us being introduced to the new character, Valerie. She seems to be a bad girl, as we find out at the end of the episode. Probably more realistically bad than Brenda, which makes it more interesting. So I hope she will be fun to watch.

Besides that we also get to find out more about what the characters did in summer. The main part is that Brandon and Kelly are dating. Mark it seems will be now one of the main characters as we get to see him in the credits as well. And Donna is not over David yet, neither am I as I really can't wait for them to get back together.

Reunion (#14.15), 29 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

And there was another reunion episode. Was nice to see them all again. I can't believe they were still acting as if Ashley was somehow bullied. And Laurie now says that she didn't really hear anybody saying anything bad. Well, there you go. A bunch of women were just accused of doing something bad for nothing.

I was happy though to see Tim and Swapnil talk nicely to each other. I hope Swapnil will end up going to one of the All Stars, I would love to see more of him working on it.

It was nice to see some of the old contestants again such as Blake and Jake.

Finale, Part 2 (#14.14), 23 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are often times when somebody who is not my favorite designer wins but even then I may see why. In this case the only thing I can see is an insulting setup.

I find it great that they wanted to include plus sizes. But it would have been better if they got a better designer in that area and let them fight for themselves. I really have no idea what made Ashley's collection cohesive, fashion forward, courageous or the winning one. It was the usual unflattering plus size looks that we have seen before and would usually be called matronly. And that dress with glued on flowers..It just made the model look several sizes bigger and was way more costumy than the outfits for which Candice and Edmond got the costumy critique.

I feel they have to repeat this season without Ashley so that the designers who were pretty much sabotaged get a fair chance. I think now maybe this is why Swapnil was kicked out in such a weird way, he was too strong of a competitor to stand at the end with Ashley.

But so were the three that were in the finale. They all were better than Ashley. Candice had some great pieces, I feel she shouldn't have listened to judges about toning it down, it seems this just made it less memorable and took a bit of Candice away.

Kelly's I didn't like much in the previous episode but loved what she did with it at the end. Very creative and unique. I loved Edmond's the most and am happy he left some ruffles. I can't believe Zac said he has a long way to go. He was one of the best designers this season.

Now, Ashley has a long way to go. In a way I feel this win is unfair to her as well. It is so patronizing and most viewers see it. Would have been better if in a few years she would come back to All Stars and get a deserving win with a more matured view for plus sizes. This way it was just irritating watching such an obvious set up, starting with the crazy "bullying" episode through all the times when she deserved to go home and yet somebody better did.

Finale, Part 1 (#14.13), 23 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, just as I suspected Edmond ended up being saved. Which is good, I would be mad if he wasn't.

Was great to see Tim visiting them. I love when Tim does it, he is always so nice to all their families. I especially liked him visiting Kelly's Deli and have a sandwich named after him.

I totally disagree with the judges though. First of all, I loved what Edmond did. Sexy doesn't mean short, I thought his outfits were beautiful and sexy in a very elegant way. So what's up with that "be yourself"? He was himself.

Same goes for Candice. She seemed herself. When I saw her introduced on the show I thought I will like her the most, ended up being neutral to her designs. But the collection seemed great.

Kelly, love her but was not too impressed. Actually I don't think she is really my style. Fanny packs?.

And what is up with that praise to Ashley? All designers got a new one ripped while she got praised and just told to make alterations. Please. What makes her collection more cohesive? That it was all plus sized? And my god was it miserable looking. I thought she wants to make plus sized looks that make one look better and are fun. They were all boring and to use their favorite critique "matronly". Except for the one that showed the bra. That made me just go "Wtf?" and yet was still matronly. It seems like the jury wanted plus sized on the show. But even though Ashley isn't really good they still keep to stubbornly push her as a great designer that she isn't so it is painfully obvious to the viewers.

Roll Out the Red Carpet (#14.12), 23 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In the competition before the finale they have to create a red carpet look.

I was not too impressed with the designs this week. It was kind of boring. I would wear Candice's although I think it was the fabric that I was impressed with the most. Kelly's I wouldn't wear but I liked her being creative and make something other than a gown.

I was rolling my eyes when Heidi said that Edmond is eliminated because they have to be fair. They have always looked at the past work so far in the show. And if they were fair Ashley whom they are pushing so hard would be out very long ago. Also when Nina said that it is not a time to take risks I was surprised, I remember contestants being eliminated for playing to safe at the end. It feels that these arguments were the only thing they could bring to justify eliminating Edmond who was always consistently good and this time created an ugly dress because of taking a risk, while Ashley sucked more in the season and made a boring safe dress.

I am not too angry about Edmond being eliminated just because I am sure he will get saved. I mean we didn't see Tim saying good bye to him. So I am 97% sure this is that we will see in the next episode. A very lame "surprise" as I am sure I am not the only one who has this feeling after watching this episode.

The Runway's in 3D! (#14.11), 23 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a competition where the contestants had to create an avant gard outfit inspired by New York City bridges and also using a 3D printer for some of the elements.

The competition was already very interesting and it had some fun moments, such as Merline informing us that she sees the world in 3D. You don't say!.

I think Kelly deserved her win as her outfit was the one that was most avant gard, I also liked the feeling of the bricks from it. But my favorite dress was Edmond's. He is the one I am rooting for, I also like his personality, being bored in his room and making girls breakfast was sweet.

I don't think Merlin should have gone home. Her dress was more avant gard than most others. And what Ashley did looked like an ugly superhero outfit with horrible idea for 3D. I could not believe the praise she received for it.

Crew's All In (#14.10), 22 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I usually like the make overs for "real women" episodes but this one disappointed me.

I have a feeling Swapnil made somebody behind the camera mad. Otherwise I don't get this attitude about him. Suddenly they started trying to make him look lazy. They paired him up with some awful woman and since she is part of the crew it could have been her assignment to hate everything he did. Which would explain her disgusting smile when the judges were after him. Even if that "lazy" thing was true, he sure didn't get problems from it. He kept on being in the top 3! If being lazy is what lets one achieve that, keep on being lazy...And because of that awful woman he made 3 different dresses, the ones before looked great. I think his only mistake was trying to please her. He should have just gone on with the design he started, if she doesn't like anything she won't like anything, but it would be hard for judges to throw him under the bus if he had created something on which he spend all his time given and not just 2 hours.

Tim was disappointing. Both his meltdown and such a cold good bye. Swapnil was the one who deserved to be saved.

Ashley should have been out, she always does the same and it is boring. Also she is supposed to be a plus sized designer and the dress she made was just ugly for somebody who is plus sized. Then again she designs her own clothes and I didn't see her wear anything I like.

I liked both Kelly and Merline's outfits.

Make It Sell (#14.9), 19 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Designers this time have to create outfits that are ready to wear and will be sold online.

I like the way they did it by assigning different qualities that all designers had to follow when creating an outfit. And it was also great how this time the judges couldn't agree on who is the top and who is the bottom.

I am glad Edmond won. It is sure not for everybody, my body would not handle that dress, but looked very hot. When it comes to Ashley, I loved her jacket, didn't care for the rest. Swapnil's dress this time was not my thing, when it comes to leopard print it is very easy to make it tacky.

I actually expected that this time nobody will leave or that Tim will use the save as there was so much disagreement. But he seems to keep it. Well, it may very well be Laurie's time to go. This outfit was pretty bad.

Broadway or Bust (#14.8), 19 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now they had to design a Broadway inspired outfit based on the show "Finding Neverland".

The episode was slightly boring and I was not too impressed with most outfits.

I am happy for Candice, hers was definitely one of the best. I also liked Edmond's and was surprised Swapnil was just safe. I didn't like Kelly's so much. Could be because of the ugly color, I am not a fan of this green even though it could be fitting with the show.

I also agree with the bottom results. Ashley's was definitely not the worst one this week so she deserved to stay. Laurie's was actually the biggest disaster, but I prefer them to keep somebody who takes risks over somebody who keeps on making it boring.

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