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A movie that starts funny and keeps it up until the end, 23 September 2017

I am surprised this movie didn't get more attention and better ratings. I watched it without any expectations and it ended up being really funny.

It starts as a light comedy but then things go darker and darker until the high peak of darkness towards the end. And even to the last scene it makes one have a laugh.

Great performances from them all. Patrick Renna and Annie Monroe also got pretty unique characters which they nailed all the way.

It has it all, some sarcasm, hilarious jokes, twists and it keeps one interested in what is coming next from scene to scene.

Although it also reminded me of why I never want to have roommates again.

Garbage, save your time, 22 September 2017

What did I just watch? It was so bad....

The movie is said to be the first depiction of drag queens in India and even prohibited in it's country. Or at least it was, I am not sure about the current status since the movie came out in 2003 and for all we know it isn't considered offensive now. But even if it is banned people are not missing much.

From the opening on it seems like soft core porn to me although there isn't really any porn, just the shower scene comes close. But all the music, the cuts, it really felt like some old school porn.

I won't say anything against the acting abilities of the actors. They seem to haven't done anything before or after, except for Rufy Khan who has done a few movies after that. And maybe they could do it well in a good movie, but here they just made some sickening exaggeration of constantly horny drag queens and gays. The flirting moments in the movie were gross, the giggling, the facial expressions, everything.

Why was the part of HIV in it? Just to summarize everything connected with homosexuality? Felt so useless in there.

Supposed to be comedy but I saw nothing funny or any joke. Maybe not being part of Indian gay culture made them unnoticeable for me.

Luckily it is a short movie, but I still feel sad to have lost that half an hour from my life and would like to warn others to avoid it.

Pregnant and funny, 21 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is a great set that I am glad I watched. As usual in comedy stand ups she made fun of her heritage and ethnicity all about hoarding mothers, being a bad driver and Asian men being under-appreciated etc. This itself was done very well.

But unlike male comics Ali Wong can get pregnant and she is. So she made a nice part of set about it. There was the ironic anti feminism on not wanting to work and trapping her husband with nice twist in the end. All the pregnancy and birth thoughts.

And it is great how she goes into "controversial areas" keeping it funny. Like her including her miscarriage into the set and make a joke with it. Was really well done. High class comedy.

Madre (2016/II)
A well done suspense thriller, 21 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A mother is tired of taking care of her out of control autistic son. Her and her husband hire a nanny and first all goes well but then Diana starts noticing that her nanny seems to turn her son against her as well as poisoning her.

A lot of times one just gets frustrated with the mother as she doesn't do things that could help her prove her point. Like keep the app and show the translations to the friend who recommended it, she would believe it. Film some of the conversations and show to somebody. Take that tea she gives you and bring to the doctor to be tested for hallucinogens. But then one sees a way around it, she is a stressed pregnant woman who can't think of good ways out clearly.

I saw unfair reviews to it. Mainly from American far lefts calling it ableist and xenophobic. Well, autism is not always high functional and many parents do indeed struggle a lot, why hide them? And foreign language was important for this movie.

The main issue is indeed that the ending doesn't explain everything. But for me it was enough. We just see that her worries were justified. Why it happened isn't really necessary to know.

The acting was great. Daniela Ramírez gave us a top performance as the main character. We see her love for her son and yet worry that the second kid will be the same. Her feeling like she has no way to solve the issue with her husband not taking her seriously and not being able to control her kid. Aida who played Luz was also good. There isn't that much in the character but she did it perfect for us not to guess if she is good or evil. And this is her only role.

2012 (2009/I)
A disaster movie that isn't a disaster., 21 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I must say I love disaster and end of the world movies. And Roland Emmerich is just the best in our time doing them. I hope we will more contributors to the genre soon to have a more diverse type of movies. But 2012 is my favorite among his movies.

One always sees crazy reasons for negative reviews. "Oh it wasn't realistic". No sh*t, Sherlock. It wasn't a science lecture on the end of the world that has no scientific backup since it isn't supposed to happen outside of the movie. And yes, the family in the movie is damn lucky. If they went for the more "realistic case" the movie would be over after half an hour when their car would fall into a hole in the Earth.

If you are going to a disaster movie expecting something highly intellectual instead of entertainment than you are not smart enough for intellectual movies anyways.

Many complain about "character development".Yes there is none. You know why? Because it isn't the goal of the movie. The goal is to show the viewer exciting visual effects. Dramatic soul searching not just takes time of it but also is for a different kind of mood than these movies are.

So I went to see a disaster movie and got the best out of it. The visual effects are incredible. And they are all over the movie! There are some breaks where we have some cheesy stories, but they are there only to give us a little break and go on to see some great destruction.

Astro Boy (2009)
Sci fi intro for the kids, 20 September 2017

I don't know anything about the original Astro Boy so my review can't compare and see if it is any worse or improved.

I did like the movie The animation was absolutely beautiful. I like the style in which it was done, almost reminds one of older animation movies but still of high quality.

The story is pretty interesting. It is a great introduction of the kid into the sci fi world. It has a bit of dystopia, robots, the wondering if robots can feel.

For an adult watching it with a kid it is also entertaining. The robots used as gladiators and the fight scenes were pretty fun.

Surf's Up (2007)
Good animation for the kids, 18 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't care how many penguin animation movies are out there. After all we have a lot of movies with humans and they are great as long as the story is a good one.

It is a bit confusing though why penguins were chosen for this one. Surfing somewhere in Hawaii, penguins, really? Seems another species would be more fitting. But whatever let's go with penguins.

The story is not original. Any adult watching it will know how it ends and what happens next. For the kids though who are the main target of the movie it can be pretty original. And it shows some good lessons. Although I am not sure showing kids that winning isn't important is that good. Sure, friends are more important than trophies. But achieving one's goal deserves a reward. And kids should know it before they get out into competitive world.

The animation was alright. When it came to water it was great. All the waves and at some point there were even little drops on the camera, that is supposed to be a documentary camera from the movie. This was really good.

The voices are also very good. I enjoyed Jeff Bridges as Z, he kept on reminding me of his Dude in The Big Lebowsky.

The humor is really not original. I think it is good for the kids but adults watching with them will just have a smile here and there. The chicken was the one funny character and at the same time he was pretty useless for the story.

Kara Bela (2015)
A fun movie about being there for someone, 9 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a pretty awesome movie choice. Will recommend it to the ones who like a good comedy. And if you are like me not too familiar with the work of this director before as well as with Turkish movies then it also seems more original as one isn't used to this kind of movies.

The story is very sweet. A man who didn't have a happy life and his only love was his car has a dream that he needs to save a girl and goes for it. On the way he saves so many more people. And they save him as well. It is pretty sweet and touching.

But don't let the story line fool you. Besides being really sweet it also has a lot of moments that make one laugh. Some of them are incredibly ridiculous yet so hilarious. I loved the beginning with wife and the bottle or the scene where to rescue Burcu they use circus bikes etc. Great movie, many laughs.

Intrigue and suspense in Argentina, 9 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a great detective story set in Buenos Aires of the 80's.

It probably would help to know more of Argentinian history and the corruption of that time. I am not too familiar with it but I still enjoyed the movie without concentrating on it. The spirit of the 80's is very well portrayed.

Great acting and awesome cinematography. The scene of horses running down the street is great.

The best part of the movie is having all the twists that make one change the view on what is going on. And until the very last shot one struggles to figure out who is right and who is not. At the same time while having great suspension the movie is also not too heavy on the mind and easy to watch.

Well filmed yet very boring, 2 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I gave this movie a bit more points than I was planning to because it was a low budget indie production. And I wouldn't have noticed it. So my respect for filming it to look like a normal Hollywood expensive movie.

But I took points off for things that don't matter if it is a low or high budget movie. It was just so boring. Out of fight scenes I liked only one, the one where he tries to save his wife in a battle against other captured. That was the only one where it was exciting. The rest was boring.

Wes Bentley is really good in the character. But there isn't much going on with the plot to keep ht viewer captured.

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