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Why this film is a mess, 2 November 2005

I worked as an extra on this film and observed the filming of the horse race and bar scenes. The reason it is a mess is that, in contrast to Unger's and especially Krabbe's professional work, Harmon wasn't up to it. For example, the climatic sunset scene that explained all (or most, anyway) had to be cut because Harmon repeatedly flubbed his lines and the short tropical sunset slipped away after several takes. Also, there was no on-screen chemistry between Unger and Harmon, and it showed. Pity, because Harmon was more personable in real life off-screen. But, that's not was he was being paid for.

It's evident that the producers eventually patched up something for a short theatrical release and the video release.

Bottom line: This film is of interest only to those whose friends show up in many of the backgrounds. The anthropological aspects might attract the interest of some, but are largely bogus because the script was originally written for Papua New Guinea.