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Best Series Ever!, 15 May 2013

I cannot remember a time when I've given something 10/10 but Game of Thrones deserves it.

Set in the backdrop of a fantasy land, where there are power struggles for supremacy galore! The characters are well developed and you feel you slowly get to know everyone. The beauty of this is the characters grow and you get to find out more and more about them, they become deep and intricate.

You have to stay on the ball as there are many story lines and there is much to follow, but it's worth it. It is gripping, really gripping.

The author isn't afraid to shock you, to take characters out and there's always something unexpected. Story lines continue over each episode, and it takes a while to work out what is going on in some cases, which all adds to its mystique.

I love this series, I cannot recommend it enough! Be aware there's lots of bad language, sexual scenes etc, but strangely you don't mind as it adds to realism of the story and its setting. Truly amazing work and the actors are epic in their roles, every one of them believable.

Go and watch! :-)

Shame (2011)
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Deeply disappointing, 13 May 2013

I have been generous giving this film 3/10 and that is because I rate Michael Fassbender as an actor.

The character never really develops for me, in order to enjoy a film where it is very character based, you need to have some sort of empathy with the character. You need to at least want to understand why he acts the way he does, but truthfully he is not at all likable, there is nothing that makes you want to help or understand him.

The film it just a stream of dislikable characters, embarrassing sex scenes and it's all so harsh and pointless.

Really disliked this film a great deal and I would recommend a wide berth. I really hoped it would be deeper and have more substance, but it really lacks.

Iron Man 3 (2013)
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No 3 and still going strong!, 13 May 2013

I have to start by admitting I am a mad fan of all things Avengers, Iron Man, Thor etc, etc.

This movie didn't disappoint, I did wonder how great it could be bearing in mind we were now at No 3 and I thought "really?", but oh yes, I loved it!

RDJ is as funny as ever and the characters work really well including Guy Pearce who was a fabulous bad guy! I love the gadgets, love the iron man suits and the story was both entertaining and quite funny in parts, quite a few parts actually.

If you are a Marvel fan, I know you will really enjoy this, we did. Great big thumbs up!

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Surprisingly excellent!, 19 April 2012

I really didn't know what to expect from this film and as a general rule when it comes to horror I'm a bit of a baby! I especially hate the gory movies. The movie was scary, but also tense and really funny in parts. This film had a surprising and fresh story line, and I totally loved it. It was entertaining and the usual horror movie formula was applied, but that was there to help the movie along and let you feel comfortable and lull you into a false sense of security and make you think you knew what was coming next. Trust me you don't know what's coming next, you go through most of the film wondering what the hell is going on, but in a really good way! It's grips you! The characters were watchable and Chris Hemsworth was his usual gorgeous self. It was thrilling in parts and scary! This is a seriously fun movie and definitely worth a watch. It's different, go and watch it it will not disappoint!

The Vow (2012)
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Better than expected, 13 February 2012

I'd heard one review of this movie and frankly it wasn't great. However I was going out with the girls, so we felt it was worth a try. I'm actually really glad I saw it, as I did enjoy the film. For the first third of the film I thought I wasn't going to get into it at all. They made plenty of effort to let you get to know the characters, but I'm not sure it was enough and initially it all felt a bit wooden. As the movie progressed and you got to know the characters, you started to warm to them, especially Leo's character played by Channing Tatum. By the time I'd got half way through, I wanted to know how this would play out and I was bothered. The movie is based on true events, which added something to it I think. Overall, a good enjoyable watch for the girls. I'm not sure your male friends/partners will enjoy this at all and they'll undoubtedly spoil your experience. Go and have a night with the girls and I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

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Not what I expected, 6 February 2012

This movie has been tagged as a comedy, but truthfully whilst it has a number of amusing moments I didn't really think that Comedy was its true genre. I went to see this film thinking it would be a light-hearted comedy and I love Charlize Theron, but it was so much more. The basis of the film and what has been shown in the Trailers, is a woman who was the popular girl at school, who decides to go back to her home town to win back the love of her ex boyfriend. On the way she makes friends with unlikely people and you get an insight into this woman. I don't want to say what happens in the film, but I would say it was well acted and thought provoking and in parts really quite sad. Yes it's based on the premise that popular kids at school don't always end up being a success story. It makes you think about various people in life and how you judge them and maybe we should stop and see the person rather than what you think they are. I loved it and I think Charlize Theron is a well accomplished actress. Definitely worth a watch, but don't expect to laugh all the way through this movie.

Senna (2010)
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An emotional Journey, 14 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved this movie, it was so nice to see Senna doing what he did best again. The film was very well put together with old film clips and archive footage, but it was very well done and didn't feel disjointed. We all knew when we went to see this film that its made up of archive footage, so if you are expecting anything else, don't be disappointed. It was clearly a pro Senna film and so maybe didn't always give a completely unbiased view of the fabulous racing driver. That said, if you are going to see this film it is because you are a Senna fan, so this homage I feel did him justice. Stupidly, even though we all know that Senna died doing what he loved best, you still wish that he didn't die. There are some upsetting scenes of racing drivers losing their life, so be prepared for that. Great film, emotional and I loved it!

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Lovely!!, 9 May 2011

I have to say I really liked this film a lot and actually considered giving it a 9. I'd read the usual reviews in the various newspapers and I do feel a bit like people hold the Twilight series against Robert Pattinson, but it seems that's very unfair. The reviews were mediocre at best, so I went to see the movie without any real expectations and I loved it! I thought the film had a warm and watchable quality. The trailer didn't give as much away as I'd thought it did and so there was more to it than I thought there might be. It was a lovely warming story, the old guy at the start telling the story was also great! The elephant was the star I have to say, but I think Robert Pattinson finally proved to all that he can act and he does the character justice. Everyone in the cast did well, especially I thought, for the characters that didn't have major parts, but you really liked them. I loved the story, it gave you a look at what the circus must be like especially in the backdrop of the Depression, although the depression angle didn't come through quite as much. It's definitely worth a watch, I honestly don't think you'll be disappointed.

Skyline (2010)
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OMG Really?, 15 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well I thought to myself, how bad can it be? You've got things coming from the sky, no doubt Aliens and a disaster movie in one. So I didn't go into this expecting a masterpiece, my expectations were low. They were not low enough! I laughed out loud a number of times as it was so bad, in fact in one part it made me gasp because it was so bad. I should start with the good things; as it goes there was only one good thing, which was the special effects as I thought the Aliens were pretty cool actually and quite pretty too with their sparkling lights. Bad things about the film, story line was non existence, predictable and heaven knows where they got the actors from. The main character was a b lister from 24 and that was it! We all knew there was going to be no happy ending, we all knew the earth wasn't going to be saved this time. The acting was wooden and no one really cared if they lived or died. The stroking of the nose thing.... please! Clearly stolen straight from "Face Off" with Nick Cage. It felt short too, (thank heavens) as it felt like it started, the aliens came, the end! What was that ending all about for heavens sake? How lame? I would not recommend this movie to anyone at all, not even to people I don't like. So I conclude by saying, nice Aliens, but please give this movie a miss, take my word for it, you will have wasted your time and money.

Due Date (2010)
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Made me laugh out loud, 7 November 2010

I really enjoyed this film and frankly it made me laugh from start to finish. I was beginning to think Robert Downey Jnr had lost his touch after seeing Iron Man 2, which was a total nightmare! I was wrong I'm glad to say and he was totally engaging in this film. I wasn't sure if Zach Galifianakis could top his performance in The Hangover, but I really think he came close if not possibly edging a little better. There were times that I laughed out loud and I found the the film amusing all the way through, I was never bored and there were small moments where it was really quite touching and emotional. I don't want to tell you anything to give away the story, but it's a story about two guys, who were seriously unlikely to be friends taking an action packed and hilarious journey together. Definitely worth a watch!

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