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Legacy (2008) (V)
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Dazzaling!, 1 June 2010

The true movie theme was totally unexpected as compared to the trailer on TV, so I personally have to classify this movie after watching the DVD as a dramatic movie and not romantic. I personally expect a horror movie to be for the most part light and frothy, and somewhat fantasy. However this film was superb in every way, especially the continuity and great husband also liked it-saying it wasn't at all what he expected.I can't say enough how pleased I am with how this film evolved. I knew what to expect considering it stars Haylie Duff (an amazing actress). Although some aspects of the movie are predictable. At least one critic noted this and cast it as being a very poor imitation. I found it much better plotted and the acting is every bit as good.

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I don't understand why they remade this film..., 30 April 2010

OK...I'll get to the point. I loved the original. It was funny. It was bloody. You actually believed that the "Stepfather" was crazy. He was so crazy that he believed his own lies. This version is just boring. In the end, I just felt like..OK, so what? There was nothing shocking, or gory, or funny, or interesting, or entertaining about this movie. Why can't anyone come up with some original ideas? I would advise anyone who is thinking about watching this movie, to just skip it, and see the original. I loved the original. It was funny. It was bloody. You actually believed that the "Stepfather" was crazy. He was so crazy that he believed his own lies. This version is just boring. In the end, I just felt like..OK, so what? There was nothing shocking, or gory, or funny, or interesting, or entertaining about this movie. Why can't anyone come up with some original ideas? I would advise anyone who is thinking about watching this movie, to just skip it, and see the original.

The Telling (2009) (V)
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Not so great..., 30 April 2010

I was very excited to get this movie; however, this movie was really bad. I feel really bad to say that because I really like Bridget and Holly. They were both great. Nevertheless, the rest of the actors were very cheesy.

There is a live and enthusiastic market for most anything associated with the The Girls Next Door. This is rightfully so even as the series winds down and each of the women go their individual ways. The series had a little something for everybody; each of the girls were charming and sexy in their individual ways; Hugh Hefner did a good job in his role in front of the camera and it would appear that he made a number of good decisions behind the camera; the whole Girls Next Door project had a fair degree of excellence as an entertainment vehicle. Just as a last observation on Girls Next Door, I will say that for those who were seeking some mild, light hearted titillation, it had its moments of genuine sexiness, delivered at a level of quality that only Playboy can do.

Anyone agreeing with the above would like to see The Telling succeed, if for no other reason than Holly & Bridget are not only in it but apparently Bridget was involved as a producer. You have the sense from the Behind the Scenses portion that Bridget in particular put a lot of work in this video. I don't doubt that; she routinely comes across as a hard working, sincere and focused lady.

So, what about The Telling. Let me just say that it's nice to see Bridget and Holly again; however, this video is not a top flight vehicle for them, and a number of buyers will be somewhat disappointed. As for sexual titillation, don't worry yourself about that; there essentially is none. Bridget & Holly look good, but you'll see more sex watching Fox News. As for a gripping horror story with professional acting, it's going to be pretty thin for a number of folks. Real GND fans are still going to buy this video, and if anything the end of the show Behind the Scenes 15 to 20 minutes will be the most interesting part. Bridget and Holly are both individually interviewed in this section. Bridget admits that her time as one of Hef's girlfriends as well as her residence in the Playboy mansion are winding down, and that she will be an upcoming moderator to some extent on the Travel Channel. I suspect that this will be a much more successful vehicle for her.

Backwoods (2008) (TV)
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Loved it!, 30 April 2010

I like horror films to make me jump or scream. This one did. Yes, it's the same basic premise we've seen many times in this type of movie, but the plot isn't really what I watch these movies for. Also, there's plenty of new twists/elements in this one. This movie really had me cheering for the "good guys" - I was glad I'd watched it by myself, as the last 20 minutes or so really had me screaming at the TV, cheering the kids on. I really enjoyed watching this movie, and am buying a copy to share with my horror loving friends. Backwoods was apparently produced for Spike TV, so don't expect to see much in the way of blood and gore. (Needless to say, there's no nudity whatsoever.) Some old-fashioned traps make the chase scenes through the forest somewhat interesting, but I pretty much relied on Haylie Duff's hotness to get me through the film's 80 minute runtime (although I must admit I got quite a kick out of watch a mortally wounded techie put on an amazing show of shooting bad guys without even aiming.) If you're a horror fan, Backwoods is certainly a watchable film, but you won't see anything here you haven't seen before.

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An Awesome Slasher!!!, 26 April 2010

I thought this was a really good horror/slasher film. As I watched this, I was reminded of the classic slasher films of the 80's and 90's! I loved the killer's outfit, it was really creepy and I loved the pimped out lug wrench that the killer uses. Rumer Willis did an awesome job as Ellie, and was the only girl I cared about. At a party held at the Theta Pi house, Jessica, Cassidy, Ellie, Claire, Chugs and Megan play a prank on Megan's boyfriend, Garrett. When the prank goes too far, Megan ends up dead and the girls throw her body in an old mineshaft, and swear never to speak of it again.

Eight months later on graduation day, someone wearing a black hooded robe comes to kill off all the girls who knew one at a time. During the graduation party is when things really begin to cook. Could it be Megan coming back for revenge? Or someone who can't live with the secret anymore? I highly recommend SORORITY ROW!!!

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As close to Paris Hilton as you can get!, 26 April 2010

Unless you know her daily iterniery, this is as close to cheeky Paris Hilton as you can possibly get! Far from being a rich, spoilt brat, Paris has got natural talents as an entrepreneur. That I admire. She's a natural actress, very comfortable in front of a camera, very cool, calm, cheeky and captivating.

I enjoyed this fun-filled movie from it's beginning.

What I like about the themes of this particular movie:

-> Paris' character of being a faithful friend to someone unfortunate. I wonder if Paris Hilton can stay in any long-term relationship in real-life?

-> Paris' philosophy about the human soul vs body and how we look on the outside.

-> The revealing "flashback" story-telling technique that is used to explain present relationships in relation to the past.

If you want a good laugh and a little learning philosophy in how humans judge others, watch this movie. I also recommend the movie "Shallow Hal" which is just as good.

Bottoms Up (2006) (V)
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Huge Paris Hilton fan!, 26 April 2010

this isn't that bad of a movie,, i mean if you go in expecting only so much, look at it this way, you have Paris Hilton,now she doens't run around half naked in this one like House of Wax,, i know big disappointment there, the plot, well there ain't much of one,, i mean it is a barrel full of laughs all the way,, especially the bit about the gay uncle.. basically the main character has to win a bartending contest, and when he doens't win , he has to find a way to make money in Hollywood,, so he can bring it back to his dad to save his restauraunt in Minnesotta, all in all the movie was funny , yeah some was lame,, but all in all though it wasn't near as bad as people make it out to be.

Mostly Ghostly (2008) (V)
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My kids love Ali Lohan!, 25 April 2010

This was excellent. I have to admit the reason that made me want to watch this is because it is based on an R.L. Stein book, and I happen to be a fan of his kids horror stories. It thought the casting was great. They where able to use familiar Disney actors without them seeming like there characters from their shows. Luke Benward, Maddison Pettis,David Deluise, Kim Rhodes, they all delivered A+ performances. Let's not forget the main character Max played by a seemingly highly talented stage/movie/TV actor, Sterling Beaumon, I doubt this is the last we'll see of him (his resume is very long, even though he is only 13), he did an excellent job acting his role. This was classic R.L. Stein, from dumb bully brothers, to creepy basement creatures, to creepy children (ghosts), to a creepy ending where you know the bad guy is still out there, but he can't harm anyone any longer. I recommend this to anybody with kids, and to kids who want a good laugh, and maybe some scares. The special effects where top-notch considering it is a made-for-TV-movie. For performance, effects, and story I give it a 10/10!

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Good Movie! (:, 25 April 2010

I followed the production of this movie online and have seen the trailer. I have already bought the poster - this is going to be a winner! Alex O'Loughlin is so perfect for the part of Stan, and it will be great to see Alex as the leading man in a US movie. I have all of the ones that he made in Australia and they are all outstanding. It will also be fun to see Alex do comedy. A good example of his comedic skills are shown in Oyster Farmer and believe it or not in FEED. Some people don't realize that FEED is a dark comedy as well as a thriller. Alex is a naturally funny person anyway, and from what I have seen of it so far - which is quite a bit - this is going to be a delightfully funny and charming movie. I can't wait for April to come - I will be there on opening day!

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Daddy can't buy you talent Nicole Richie!, 25 April 2010

AWFUL!!! If ever there was a case for barring someone from the film industry, this piece of trash is it. Money DOES NOT equate talent (or common sense in the case of Nicole Richie).

This movie has little plot and Richie's zombie-like "acting" puts the deep freeze on anything you might want to get out of the film. There's a reason the rest of the cast is made up of unknowns and little known bit players in Hollywood.

There have been some pretty dense actors through the years, but Nicole Richie is by far the runaway winner of all time. She even believes her award from Harvard is something good! Some people learn they don't have the skills to be in the business after the first flop, or at least after the second bomb. Nicole, however is obviously too blinded by her bedazzled sunglasses and purse to be able to recognize she has been in FOUR of the worst movies of all time, been to jail many times, does daily drugs, makes sex tapes, and spends her dads credit card. So the next time someone wants to cast Nicole Richie…nevermind. Said enough. Stay far away from this movie!

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