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We're here in the computers saying life is *beep* but this, the war is the real life. Where the feeling and the things reach its top.
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America's Sweetheart
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Eucalyptus. Syndrome. Candy. Sperms. Faulkner. Fooled. Henry Miller. Birds in winter. Capote. Charlie Mingus. Anger. History of O. Whips. Justine. Love. Justine. Love. Love. Money. Camille. Plague. Tomorrow. Inferno. The unconcious. Marquis de Sade. Religon. Gommorah. Religion. Gommorah. Sade. Gommorah. François Villon. Bitterness. Johann Strauss. Bats. Peter Weiss. Circle. Kafka. Castle. Heine. Domino. Hitchcock. Eyes. Caldwell. Murder.
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Yaaaaaaaaay! Hullo Bedford Falls!