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Spy Kids (2001)
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Interesting concept, 16 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched the first one finally, and have to say that despite the cheesy story plot at times, it wasn't that bad. Some kids find out they are spies and end up having to save their parents from some evil dude. The technology and gadgets are very impressive and funny. I liked the age the kids were, not too old (teenager) but not too young to not be, I guess, easy to relate too.

I did find the conclusion a bit cheesy and the characters were at times a little over done, but the special effects and everything was done quite well.

I rate this 7/10.

Surf's Up (2007)
Cool story, no environmental crap, 16 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Movies with penguins tend to be environmental. By that, I mean the plot basically consists of humans who do something evil or otherwise are causing harm to either the penguins or to other creatures. Doing so, the message is to not harm nature. I love nature and don't want to destroy it, but when movies are dedicated to showing that humans are the only cause, then I get annoyed and frustrated.

Happy Feet is a good example. The first one was major political. The second not so much, but still consisted of humans doing evil things (how dare they eat chicken!). Surf's up was different. It didn't mention humans at all, in fact I dare say it may have been a penguin world for all I know.

I loved the story, and especially loved the look and feel the film was looking for. Shaky cameras making it seem like actual people were there interviewing everyone. It was really nicely done.

I rate this 7/10.

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Ugh!, 3 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Happy Feet 1 came out and was basically consisting of two plots. One, a penguin trying to fit in, and two humans are evil. As I said in my Happy Feet One review:

"Now, let me explain. I love the Earth. I love the creatures. I want us to take care of them. Keep them healthy, happy and strong. Let's learn about them. Understand them.

But I also know that humans are not the only cause, if any cause at all, to the problems with the world. I mean, global warming? Really? The message I got from this movie was to never give up even if you are different, and that humans are evil. The first one was okay. But the story was weak. The humans are evil part was just annoying. If you're going to frame us, do it in a clever way."

Now I've changed my views a little since 2010 (when I reviewed it) but I still believe that movies like these are only made for political messages. They are usually negative toward humans and are bias to one side.

This movie continues the story of the penguins. Now the rejected one who can dance is a father and his kid is basically trying to figure out what he can do. So we already have a repeated story. Then the kid discovered a penguin who is able to fly somehow (we find out how later on in the movie) and the new penguin wants to fly too. So for half the movie he tries to fly. Meanwhile the penguins are... hmm what would make a good 30-45 minutes of a movie? Oh I know, make the penguins trapped in a hole from the ice. Good idea!

So now we have the father penguin and his kids who have to feed their tribe or group or clan or whatever a set of penguins are called. Meanwhile the kids somehow have British accents while the parents do not. What?


Then finally at one point the little penguin discovers that he can sing... well very badly at least. Long story short, father penguin is seeking help and is refused it. The little kid decides to sing a song about how great is father is. It could have been emotional... if the kid's singing wasn't so high pitched and hurt my hears to death! Plus he went into the whole opera style singing and everything, uck!


I'm surprised that the humans didn't do anything much in this movie. I mean, they showed the humans cooking turkeys in their ship (how dare they want to feed themselves), and they come and show up to help the penguins escape, but then they disappear after a snow storm. That's it. Nothing about a human taking a penguin and capturing it to show how evil we are, just boring lame humans cooking food to eat.

The plot was better than I though, so I gave it a 3/10. It could have been 4/10 but that singing was terrible (the little kid's, no offense but it hurt my ears) and what's with the kids having British accents? That's just annoying.

So in the end, I rate this movie 3/10.

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Unique story but beware of the political messages!, 1 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I must first confess that it took me several days, almost a week, to watch the movie. The reason being that the DVD I watched it from was scratched and so I couldn't see halfway through. So a week later I got a different one and watched it again, this time seeing the rest of the film. So my true feelings of the movie kind of disappeared but in general I still have my opinions on it.

First, it's definitely unique. Yet it's annoyingly political, which doesn't surprise me. It's a story about believing in something that you cannot see, hear or taste or smell or touch. And the character who does witness a sound from the speck is considered a fool and it comes to the point where he is actually threatened to lose his own life possibly or at least be injured for his views.

The reason? A kangaroo who has a negative attitude about everything, like some political parties I know. Anyway, she refuses to accept any new ideas such as a speck containing life and because of that she tries to banish the elephant who does. A few things that bothered me include her use of "homes school" which was inappropriate. She used it after her son asked to play with the kids and she refused, saying he had to not be brainwashed by the silly views that the others had.

This is rude because I (as I've admitted in another review for the movie RV) home school and find it wrong to make a bland assumption that home schoolers restrict themselves from the rest of the world like that. Some do, but so do public schoolers. Anyway that drove me mad but in general her negative attitude was annoying but it helped with the plot. And of course I found everyone's acceptance to quickly go and join and believe in the kangaroo's views so easily kind of fake and annoying, and in the end when..


... she finally does hear the voices and is shocked and is just sad. I mean, she goes all that way to prove she's right and then that happens? With her attitude I'd come up with an excuse and dismiss it, demanding visual proof until ultimately the small guys on the speck are able to grow (or these with the speck and the flower shrink) and then she'd be satisfied, apologize and end up being happy. But nope, she's just sad.


But anyway I still enjoyed the unique movie and liked how it was. The son who didn't speak until the very end was touching and his private location up by the planetarium building was cool.

So anyway, I rate this 7 because of the unique plot. It sort of loses a point from being 8 for the silly political stuff but in the end I'm sure (and hope) that everyone knows that it's a movie so it's not all true.

Not bad at all, it's a great classic!, 1 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

On a social networking site, a friend posted a screen cap of a movie with edited captions on it. The movie was of some dogs talking to each other. I looked it up and discovered this movie.

I got it and watched it. My younger sister came in halfway and she is very sensitive to movies that are even a little bit scary. To give an example, she cried at the end of Open Season because she didn't think Boog would make it back home and was upset about it.

So with that in mind, I watched the movie for the first time. And so I didn't have the nostalgia feeling as many did. But I still enjoyed it and could tell that it could produce that feeling for those growing up. I really liked the plot, the simplicity of the animals speaking (no moving animated mouths or anything) and the music helped to fit in with the theme.

I rate this 8/10 for a brilliant movie that deserves a higher rating on IMDb than a 6.

Bolt (2008)
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Brilliant concept, pretty well executed, 29 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie starts out as an almost cheesy crime fighting adventure film with superheroes and gadgets and the whole deal. It lasts a few moments before finally the reveal at the end of the "show" that it's actually just a TV show and is all fake. From there on you know interesting stuff's going to happen.

One of the twists though, is despite nearly everyone knowing it's a TV show, the dog, which is one of the superheroes, thinks the show is real life. He thinks he really has powers and really needs to save his owner who (in the latest TV show) ends up being taken but not rescued (as a response to a request from someone from networking). So he's off in the real world to try to find her, in the meantime she thinks he's gone forever.

I really liked how they mixed the TV studio concept with friendship. I'm into video editing and I really enjoy seeing how people make TV shows and movies and despite from a slightly fictional world it's still cool to see how their TV show could have been "made" if it were real life.

Anyway, I want to rate it 8 but it's not quite there to make the full rounds. It did a brilliant job with the ending and I really enjoyed it, but I don't feel it's a 7 either. It's like a 7.5. But IMDb doesn't let you do that, so I'd just rate it as 7.

So I rate it 7.5 out of 10.

The Wild (2006)
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It's okay but not great, 27 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having seen Madagascar previous to this film, I wasn't sure what to expect. Probably just a badly ripped off film or something. But nope, it starts off completely different and ends still different. I found a few spots to be similar but for the most part it was to rescue a tiger cub.

I have to admit it wasn't the greatest of films and I didn't get emotional or anything, but there was a nice story to tell and watching the cub roar and the father roar super loud was cool. But the ending wasn't as great and they basically just milked the joke with the buffalo or whatever the animals were who were basically stupid or something as the Koala was their "God" or whatever.

Anyway, it's not the greatest and could have been better, but wasn't the worst. I rate it 6/10.

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Um, 24 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Maybe it was because I didn't see it in 3d. Maybe it was because the video was perhaps the slightest out of focus and the sound wasn't the greatest. Maybe it will play better on DVD. But for the first time ever I swear, I was actually bored of the movie about halfway through. I had seen the original first movie and the second one and they were okay.

This third one, in my opinion, was just a money grabbing machine. I mean, the songs were good but most of the movie was on the island and there wasn't anything interesting that happened. There were many movie references that were funny, but for the most part it was just an excuse for a third movie, which of course disappoints.

Anyway, I'll give them a little credit for trying and for doing well with the animation, but I have to rate this 4/10.

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Brilliant and awesome, 24 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had seen this movie a long time ago around the time it came out. I was young back then so the 3d was amazing and fascinated me. Now of course I've seen plenty of 3d films so going back to cartoon only was sort of a challenge at first, but I got used to it. So it became really cool watching the 3d animations take off.

The plot, despite being from what I could assume is the future, was still very interesting and was at heart. I really enjoyed the characters and their development. And the ending was very well done! The characters that fell in love weren't as good as I thought it could have been, and I'm a bit disappointed that the main guy didn't get a girl (As they all seem to) but hey, it wasn't bad anyway!

So I thus rate it 7/10.

Very well done, wasn't expecting the ending!, 24 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie starts out showing a professor talking to a group of people in a meeting of some sort. It isn't until he get's a phone call at one point and then apologies while turning on the lights (that made the stage bright and the audience dark) that you realize the group of people is really just a bunch of lamps and other random objects that happen to look like hats or heads and such! I literately said "wow" out loud because of how amused I was.

Then the movies goes on and coming to the climax of the movie when it was revealed one of his helpers was in fact evil caught me a little off guard. I hadn't seen any other original films based off of this nor do I read books, but the way that the film went was very fascinating and clever.

I thus rate this 7/10.

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