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Fantastic story, 1 March 2008

Well, I never really liked the original Stargate SG-1.

Why? It kinda seemed utterly ridiculous to me, paired with some really bad acting.

And MacGyver didn't really fix that.

OK, the bad acting stayed with Stargate Atlantis and many things are pretty cheap (effect wise and such). But that all doesn't makes the fantastic storyline less interesting. What adds to it is the dry humor and all that sarcasm by John and McKay.

In fact I think this - next to Firefly - is one of the fresher sci-fi shows I've seen so far.


"Surface" (2005)
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One of the best sci-fi shows at the moment, 11 January 2006

I have to admit that the acting and the CG special effects in Surface are both rather weak, but seriously this must be one of the best sci-fi shows at the moment. It's storyline is rather deep going, interesting, the character development is pretty nice, and since episode 1x12 it's got a very nice twist to it. Sure, it has its ridiculous moments as any other show has but after all it's quite captivating and always makes you wait for the next episode. Especially now that it's going towards the season finale things are getting more and more interesting.

Besides current shows like Supernatural with its magnificent cinematography and scary atmosphere or Threshhold which started out very well but ended in me cancelling it because of its ridiculous always-the-same per-episode story lines this show - Surface - must be on par with Stargate Atlantis. Both shows have weak CG and weak acting but in the end they got stuff to it that makes you really wanna see what's happening on next. And that - I say - is good entertainment.

I will review again after the season finale, but at the moment I can clearly recommend this show. Thumbs up!

Fight Club (1999)
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Impressive, 24 April 2004

My my, this must be one of the best films ever made. Beautiful camera work/flights, amazing storyline, amazing acting, impressive cinematography in general, and the list goes on and on and on. There's almost nothing to criticise here. I've just watched it for the second time and it was even more impressive than the first time. Of course, people with weak stomachs watching the uncut version of this masterpiece might have some problems processing it. This is definately 18+ imho.

Some people will immediately call Fight Club violent, disgusting, repulsing, and/or cruel, but those of course didn't have an eye on the actual qualities of this movie. They range from brilliant acting and even more brilliant filming to many hidden messages and to some covered social critisicm contained by it as well.

My overall rating: 9.5/10. Highly recommended!! I won't rate the individual components of Fight Club since they'd all receive 9.5 to 10.

The only thing that got a 10 from me so far is Band of Brothers.

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Disgusting and stupid, 20 March 2004

Well, I've been watching this one directly after Final Destination 1. Compared to Very Bad Things FD appeared like a kid's movie. This is supposed to be dark comedy? Excuse me, but you think a silly disjointed script, psychopatic people, pervasive murders and actions, annoying women, etc. are in some weird kind of way funny? They're not! This is a really disgustingly stupid perverted movie which isn't even funny at all. There are very few places where you could laugh but sorry, black comedy is something totally different. Other than that Cameron Diaz must be the most annoying actress there is in this universe. I can't believe this movie was rated R. Its perversion gets close to Natural Born Killers (like someone else commented), which at least got a good storyline.

My overall rating: 5/10 - not worth watching!

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Good one, 20 March 2004

A good mystery/horror flick with decent above average acting. Kerr Smith was kinda annoying and the first half of the decapitation scene seemed very cheesy (doll noticable) to me but overall I liked this one quite. It's got that really creepy atmosphere that you've been griefing for for many other movies. And the plane crash scene of course was very well done. I also liked the final scene with that broken power line.

However, if you're going for crazy death scenes you'll like the sequel more. It's got nice ones there with a really cheesy man-in-car-hit-by-truck scene where you could clearly notice the doll once again. FD2 is probably not as creepy as FD1 but I liked the ending more.

My overall rating: 7.5/10 - great horror flick!

Novocaine (2001)
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Freaky, 19 March 2004

This has been a quite entertaining movie. Not really a top notch movie, not really working as a comedy, but still pretty entertaining. It started out veeery slow and boooring - it took a little too long for it to evolve. But when it started to it got better and better. There's that very freaky story and a wrecked Bonham-Carter (she's good playin such characters ;-) adding most to this film. However the ending was a little too fantastic since it shouldn't be a problem for the forensics to ... no, I won't spoil hehe.

My favourite scene was Martin's call where he spoke to that guy who answered the phone with "barbie's bakery. it's mr. muffin man speakin." LOL

My overall rating is: 6.5/10 - if you're not sure what to watch, try this one. It works pretty well as entertainment.

Miranda (2002)
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Great!, 18 March 2004

A quite underrated movie that's very well acted and shot. It's got good romance, decent humour, madness, spiced up with a good bit of sickness. I think the story is a pretty nice and interesting one and especially Rod made me laugh all the time. Kyle McLachlan fits his role perfectly, that sick psychopathic dude. Of course this movie misses the realism, but take it as an entertaining and twisted crime comedy flick with a tawdrily ending (no clues here!). During the scenes at the beginning where Ricci starts falling in love she's really, really charming and quite sexy as well. Her "other self" is more the opposite. Good acting there. John Hurt was nice too, but I don't really like him since his role in Rob Roy ;-)

This movie deserves more than just a poor 5.9 rating. I won't rate the individual aspects of this one with numbers since I've mentioned some of that stuff above already (mostly positive), however my overall rating is: 7.2/10.

Great entertainment! Worth watching!

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Nearly at season III and still entertaining., 11 February 2004

CSI: Las Vegas - WOHOO! CSI: Miamo - BOO!

This is probably the best show on TV here at the moment. Nothing can beat it's quality. Sure, there are those well known ridiculous scenes using futuristic technology or security camera 10-times zooms with perfect image sharpening, magical recreation of crime scenes in perfect 3D, etc. for which you could permanently slap the authors and its kinda annoying how the main characters all seem to be omniscient gods and goddesses (sometimes really sad...) (why can't they simply fail sometimes or need to look stuff up?), but still this is the best show there is right now.

The soundtrack and music picks are the most brilliant ever. A lot of electronic music that you'd want to hear in other shows or movies as well. Grissom is probably the most unique and interesting character I've ever seen on a TV show so far. Petersen's acting is at least as great as Grissom's intense character. Petersen knows how to express Grissom right. Not to mention CSI: Miami where everyone seems to be a supermodel with that sad attemp to let Horacio clone Grissom's superiority. In fact CSI:Miami is more about ridiculous crime stories than about the actual bit that C.S.I. stands for. I won't be watching CSI: Miami anymore.

I'm happy there are more episodes of CSI: Las Vegas to come! Absolutely worth watching!

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Started out well, but got oh so damn bad., 11 February 2004

well, when i started watching this show the first thing that annoyed me was that "semi-incestive role play" (quoting an IMDb reviewer). it's really ridiculous. i read another IMDb review where someone said "if you've seen one episode you've seen em all". by the time the show got better and i absolutely disagreed with that statement. but: seeing that i'm nearly through the 2nd season now i won't be watching this c*** anymore. it's simply ridiculous and i can only agree with that "'ve seen em all" statement. it's just plain silly and/or ridiculous story writing with an annoying lead role (jordan) that is represented by an absolutely uncharismatic and wanna-be-sexy jill hennesy. ferrer's character is a wreck and the others are either mad or dumb. if you had said that i will be mentioning woody as the most interesting character i would have laughed at you. but it's true.

the best and most unique episode so far was the one where woody goes to los angeles. this one was refreshing and surprisingly fun and entertaining. firstly because you didn't see the rest of the lead cast and secondly because the female cop he met there was the perfect actress to represent jordan. when i saw jordan again in the end of that episode i zapped right away.

i'm simply fed up with this sad stuff. i don't really hope for it to get any better since i don't really care about it to be cancelled anymore.

really not worth watching. it's like 1 good episode amongst 20. and you notice that's 19 episodes of wasted time.

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The cream of the crop!, 21 January 2004

What can one say about Band Of Brothers? This is probably the ten best movies (I intentionally don't say mini series) I've ever seen. There is so much detail, knowledge, and skill in these unbelievably powerful movies it took me a while to work up what I have seen. Perfect story (note that these are not really stories, but real happenings retold), perfect directing, perfect acting, perfect effects, perfect sound, perfectly authentic... the pure perfection! I bow down in front of the almighty gods who made Band Of Brothers. Mr. Spielberg, even tho you can sometimes be an arrogant f**k - I are totally belong to you!!

My ratings: not applicable, cause I'd give every single aspect 10/10.

My overall rating: 12/10! - A MUST SEE! A MUST HAVE! FOR EVERYONE!

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