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Tarantino: The master of great story telling!, 16 April 2016

I am sorry that I did not see Hateful 8 in the movie theater even though it was my intention to do so. I had been waiting for it for months and knew it was filmed right here in Colorado and I love Tarantino. But when it did get released, It was dead of winter and we had just seen The Revenant which came out at the same time and to be honest, I really didn't want to see another flick that takes place in the freezing cold. So, we waited until Spring and we saw it on Netflix last night. This man never disappoints to thread together an amazing story. You may have your own opinions about Tarantino's penchant for using ridiculously extreme violence to the point of being silly. You hate it, or love it. I get it. But even that aside, his ability to take you on a journey to meet twisted characters and how their story develops, and his incorporation of novelty and the fun of unanswered questions is truly unparalleled by any film maker out there. Tarantino's films have not gotten the credit due since, let's face it, Pulp Fiction, because Pulp Fiction was his first true masterpiece that just lingers in our brains and leaves a very high bar of expectation. I give this film 10 stars out of 10, not because it is a perfect movie, it isn't. But it is so dang entertaining and such a great and fun tale, it simply is just about as good as entertainment gets.

W.E. (2011)
I hate Madonna too - but this is still a good flick, 18 September 2015

I can't stand Madonna. Really. She comes off as pompous and irritating and her music and performances over the past 10 years has been just awful. That said, I went to watch this film fully intrigued not only because I am wrapped up in all things British Monarchy, but because I was terrifically curious just how bad this film was going to be based on all the scathing reviews. Only 13% on Rotten Tomatoes! 18 million dollars spent - and only $500,000 at the box office! Whoa. Must be really bad. I fully expected tripe: "this movie is going to be laughable, I'll be wincing and I'll likely only be able to watch 10 minutes before I turn it off." But you know what I figured out? Hollywood must REALLY hate Madonna and she must be an even bigger Bi*cH than I even thought because this movie utterly holds its own and and yet still the solid unflinching horrible reviews. This is a decent flick. The storyline is unique, the acting is excellent (especially Andrea Rosborough WOW - NO Oscar nomination??), the costumes and music are exquisite. It is not a 10 of course, it is at times a bit hokey, the 1997 characters can be a bit too forlorn and morose, and the storyline may not at all be your cup of tea (it does help to be interested in that time period and high society glamour and of course romance), but it is definitely solid. This film and its director deserves better recognition.

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Could have been great, but they blew it, 24 June 2015

The first half hour is excellent. I was on board and blown away. The costumes, set design - and those cars! - were truly amazing. Opening action sequence is incredible - until, they introduced the ultra-dramatic violins and sappy orchestra soundtrack. Absolutely ruined the movie for me. Soundtrack belonged in Pearl Harbor, not Mad Max. Should have been heavy metal or dub step electronic music, or even better, barely any music at all. It just made the movie so cheesy. Then add lack of plot, no character development and sub-par acting and you get a somewhat forgettable movie. Charlize Theron who is indeed an amazing actress, supposedly gives a stellar performance in this flick. I really don't know how that is determined. She basically says nothing and just scowls the entire time. I totally checked out mentally from this movie about 60% into it. I really wanted to leave, or start checking email on my phone.

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Some movies just deserve a 10 for how they make you feel, 25 December 2013

Not everyone likes this movie as I see from some of the poor reviews. The reasons seem to reflect a sense of righteousness and that the film is not a positive example of all things 'perfect' and Christian and 'holy.' The family is somewhat crass, the father; not exactly sophisticated, and both mom and dad are not perfect parents. But isn't that ALL of us? The fact that the film depicts average people in an average family with typical dysfunctions is EXACTLY what makes this movie so endearing to so many. We see a bit of our own families and our own childhood experiences in the Parkers. The reason the family seems so real is because it is a real family. The story is based upon the true childhood experiences of Jean Shephard who so wonderfully narrates the film and accounts for us his own memories growing up. There is lots of silliness and fiction to be certain, but its very essence is about the genuine American family with its imperfections, and the wonderful childhood memories we all cherish more and more as we grow older. One of my most beloved films, and certainly my favorite Christmas flick. That reminds me: "That's all I'm going to say about poor Flick."

Magic Mike (2012)
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It's hard to know how to categorize this movie, 27 September 2013

I am from Tampa, so surely my opinion will be skewed a little as I appreciated all the references to my home town which alone was entertaining. I also was very much in the Tampa club scene back in my "youth" so I enjoyed that aspect of the flick as well. That said, the movie has its moments of being really good, and other moments where it falls oddly flat. Tatum Channing's acting is excellent, better than Matthew Mac-, however you spell his name. The acting is not the problem in this movie. It is the direction. I like movies that are mostly just about "nothing" where you mostly have fun just observing the behavior and interaction of the characters, and this movie is very much like that, but there is a disconnect that is hard to quantify. Something is just "missing." There a scenes where I wonder, why didn't the director see that this staging comes off as weird? In the end, I actually really enjoyed the movie. Personally, I was entertained all the way through and I can think of many a flick that are way, way worse. I give it a solid 6 and that's literally not half-bad.

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A disgrace to everything Jane Austen, 7 September 2012

I enjoyed Anne Hathaway in DWP, but her performance here is just awful. Her English accent is horrible. Why do directors insist on always going for stunning beauty opposed to talent and ability? Anna Maxwell Martin should have been cast as Jane. She is a spectacular actress (Bleak House) who can actually speak with a genuine English accent. What an unusual concept: Make certain the actress playing a British woman can actually speak with a true British accent. Anna Maxwell Martin should also have been the choice as the real Jane was average looking - not drop dead gorgeous. What else can I say. Oh, yeah, The plot is completely inane and Jane's love interest (at least at the beginning, I didn't watch the film all the way through) is an irritating annoying little boy. No chemistry and I wanted to punch him in the throat. What I can applaud is the cinematography. Wow. Absolutely gorgeous. That is what the four stars are for.

Bridesmaids (2011/I)
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Hilarious movie. It is girls being bad as the boys, and some people just can't handle it., 18 August 2012

While I'm not surprised some people may not like this movie, I am amazed at how many people absolutely loathed this movie to the bottom of their humorless core. Not only do so many say they didn't like it, but that unequivocally Bridesmaids is "the worst movie of all time." Wait. Really? Of all time? Little Fockers was WAAAAAAAY worse. Have you all seen that? Seriously, I think we need to get to the bottom of what this hatred is actually all about. I think it just might be a bit of conscious or unconscious sexism. The women in this film don't do anything more outrageous than what any boy has done in recent films that conversely garnered near universal critical acclaim. ie: Wedding Crashers, The Hangover. The difference? It is the deep subconscious aversion much of society has to women being bold and daring and to be just as brazen as the boys. This movie had me laughing at nearly every moment - several until I was crying. If you are stiff and grounded by social norms (ie: only men can exercise flatulence and be funny) then yes, you will likely be naturally repelled by this film. On the other hand, if you are relaxed, have a healthy sick sense of humor, and are one who goes against the grain and have an higher-than-average comedic intellect (enough to know when absurd and utterly ridiculous is the whole POINT and THAT is why it is funny, then you'll likely not only enjoy this film, it might very well be one of your favorites.

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Downright Crabby: Ridiculous plots persist, while other potentially good plots utterly disappear., 21 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh my. I just changed my 10 star review to 5. Downton Abbey really turned out to be an incredible disappointment. What a silly, silly show. Yes, the acting is wonderful. The costumes and sets are sublime. The music is wonderful. But the writing? Oh dear, how embarrassing. What really gets me, more than the soap-opera-esque plot lines that insult even average intelligence, is how many of the plots just drop off into thin air, while other torturous boring plots just won't ever end. Plots that go nowhere actually started in right in the beginning with Season 1. Examples of Plots in DA that go absolutely no where: 1. The first plot that really got me interested in the show was The Countesses plot to "smash the entail." As she sits there with Lady Grantham discussing this, we discover not only that the countess has the conniving intention to radically smash the entail but also the juicy indication that she and the countess are not friendly mother and daughter-in-law. What a wonderful set up for things to come. Didn't you think this was going to be the central theme of the entire series? I was so intrigued. But these two plot lines go absolutely nowhere. There is no "smashing of the entail" nor any real attempt to do so. Lady Grantham is told "sorry Charlie. Your money is tied up in the estate for good," and the plot is dead, face down in the water. And the tension between mom and daughter in law? Nothing. What a waste. 2. Second potentially great plot line (if a bit silly) that really goes nowhere: The Turk in Mary's bed who just suddenly dies. A healthy 22 year old just dies? Didn't you think it was going to be poisoning or something? Didn't you think we were going to find out why he died? Nope. The only thing that comes of it is a silly sister quarrel and Edith's attempt to tattle tale. The word ridiculous comes to mind. 3. Another potentially good plot that goes no where: Ethel's flirtations with the farmer. Now this could have been really really good. Rich young woman getting involved with a poor farmer – uh-oh…a MARRIED farmer… But nope. Goes nowhere. 4. Next plot that disappears (kind of glad actually) like a fart in the wind: The disfigured military dude who says he is Patrick- the heir to the estate that supposedly died on the Titanic. This is where I really turned my back on Downton Abbey. I literally laughed out loud. But even if the plot line was soap opera silly in the third degree, at least have the plot properly develop and resolve. Once again the plot falls off a cliff: The mysterious soldier suddenly makes an unusual gesture that Lord Grantham recognizes. Remember that? What was that gesture? Interesting.... Where will this go? whups... Nope. Goes nowhere. 5. Lady Grantham is pregnant? Ooo this is good! What if it is a boy? The heir to the estate is in question again. Uh. Nope. Within 10 minutes of finding out she is pregnant she slips on soap that her lady's maid leaves on the floor outside the tub and loses the baby. Next. 6. Lord Grantham's "affair?" Sloppy, rushed, no development, no anticipation, no build. He just suddenly leans over and kisses a maid. Really really awful. Yet with all these potentially interesting plots that don't develop and/or completely dissipate, we are forced to endure other plots that leave us utterly exasperated. I really couldn't have endured one more minute of the 20 year old Anna and the 50 year old fat-faced Bates, yet we were tortured with this stupid tale for 2 seasons. OK. Nuf said. Downton Abbey has made me Down-right Crabby.

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Creepy Weird, 29 November 2011

I saw this just now for the second time. The first time I saw it in the theater I utterly hated the film because I expected a lighter-hearted, even amusing and comical version because Jim Carrey was cast. That assumption disappeared and the second time watching it I knew in advance what not to expect and I thought that would help me enjoy the film better. At second viewing, I realize that the beginning portion of the movie is actually very good and Carrey does a great Scrooge. But once the Ghost of Christmas Past comes and Carrey portrays the ghost looking like half/man half/candle, the story made me feel as uncomfortable as wearing over-starched pants. Carrey's portrayal of the first ghost is beyond weird. Are we supposed to laugh? Are those gestures supposed to be funny? Was that a joke? When Jacob Marley's jaw detaches I thought it was wonderfully scary. Then it is ruined by all of a sudden trying to make it funny. The scene with the ghost of Christmas Present goes beyond weird and is just plain freakish. I was truly uncomfortable unlike any horror movie I have ever seen. With Carrey's character laughing uncontrollably on top of the Christmas tree, I started to feel crazy. I just wanted the scene to be over. Ironically, the ghost of Christmas future, the one that is supposed to be the height of fright had no scare appeal at all. The other main issue I have with the film is the misplaced or over-the-top dramatic emotion. Several scenes are so emotional they are uncomfortable or annoying. The constant piped in traditional Christmas music doesn't help either. For instance Scrooge's nephew gives his Christmas speech in Scrooge's office and he's practically yelling with exuberance. The future sequence where The Cratchit family is all sobbing excessively over Tiny Tim was silly,not sedate and tender as they reflected on the child. You would have thought that Tiny Tim died that very instant and was lying on the floor.

I give the film five stars because the film CGI graphics are great. I especially loved the aura of the film with the snowy overcast landscapes and the desolate town. It felt genuinely cold, lonely and actually quite beautiful. It was amazing to notice all the intricate details of every scene throughout. Don't even get me started on the whole misplaced "filler" scene of Scrooge being chased by a demonic black horse and carriage. I zoned out into oblivion during that whole gratuitous car chase. The opportunity for this film to have been truly a new favorite version of a Christmas classic was all right there. Poor direction made it flunk.

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Well, say what you want, it scared the heck out of me and my husband, 27 October 2011

I just have to give this a ten. It absolutely scared the crap out of me and as far as horror movies go, that is the result I want and hardly ever get. Is Paranormal Activity a "perfect" film? No. It does have flaws, but the intent was to creep the viewers out with the thought possibly, just possibly, hauntings are not only real, but could be demonic and cause great harm. The suspension of disbelief is very effective in this film for those who allow their own fantasy and imagination to take over - able to consider the plausibility that something like this could ACTUALLY happen to them. For those who hated this film, I don't think they got that. All the claims that it was "boring" indicate to me that these individuals lack the will to give over to the seduction of their own imagination. That said, I do think that a movie can be built up too which can ruin the viewers experience. This is why I try to know as little as possible before watching a movie. My husband and I really had a minimal concept of the basis of the film and definitely had no idea as to any reviews or that there were people who were raving about the film (or otherwise). For a pre-Halloween spook, this film delivered!

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