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My Favorite Directors in somewhat of an order based how much I like their films, with all movies I've seen by them rated.
Feel free to comment on what directors you think are missing.
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Order from 1-100 is in order, 101+ I don't put as much thought into and generally smack films in the list based on what i rated them /10.

one day I might limit it to 500 films, or 200 depending on how ruthless I am at the time.

and I'll start putting short films up on this list in the near future.*

major reassessment of top 100 in progress.

Last Film(s) Added:
the blair witch project/90

*(one year update) - still working on that

Films - #1-#100//#101-#200//#201-#300//#301-#400//#401+
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not favourites yet. and basically a list to remind me of directors whos films i've yet to see
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as part of an ongoing series which will end with my assuredly violent death.

x = need 2 rewatch
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In order.
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A growing list of my favourite short films. I consider a "favourite" as something that I have rated 8.5 - 10. So, here is a collection of just that. Short films I have rated 8.5 - 10.
I find it difficult to rank short films among features so I thought it would be easier to make separate lists for them.

Most Listed directors
10 films - Stan Brakhage
8 films - Jan Svankmajer
4 films - David Lynch
3 films - Maya Deren
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Sort of like a refined, specified version of my normal list. This list features shorts and feature films, which is probably the biggest difference in the lists.
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Films 1-10 are Tarkovskiy's favorites. The rest are films that Tarkovskiy was known to enjoy, love and admire.

Andrei Tarkovskiy's Favorite Directors:
-Luis Bunuel
-Robert Bresson
-Ingmar Bergman
-Kenji Mizoguchi
-Aleksander Dovzhenko
-Sergei Parajanov
-Akira Kurosawa
-Michaelangelo Antonioni
-Jean Vigo
-Carl T. Dreyer

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Films are not in order except for Eraserhead

“My filmmaking education consisted of finding out what filmmakers I liked were watching, then seeing those films."
Paul Thomas Anderson