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My Favorite Directors in somewhat of an order based how much I like their films, with all movies I've seen by them rated.
Feel free to comment on what directors you think are missing.
The general rule of thumb is that I have to see around 4-5 films from a director (given that I like those films) before I add them.

Directors Recently Added:
-Brothers Quay
-Orson Welles
-Alain Resnais
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Future films, from around 2013-16, that I am anticipating to watch. In approximate order of preference.
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Order from 1-100 is in order, 101+ is in position relative to its rating. Anyway, order doesn't really matter much and shouldn't be taken too seriously.
All the movies are in order of preference not in order of how good they are, since that's really up to no one to decide how "good" a film truly is.
They are the movies that I have rated 10 - 8.5. I think it's a good mix of lesser known, obscure films and films that aren't too obscure.
Documentaries and Mini-series are included in here, there is an alternate list for short films, mainly because my rating system is a lot different for short films, I tend to be more liberal.
I'm thinking that I should limit this list to only 500 films. Any more and and "favourite film" may begin to lose its meaning, at the very least its impact would be dulled.
This list is usually updated daily.
Comments and recommendations are welcome.

Last Film(s) Added:
Boyhood 189

Most Listed Directors:
11 Films - Stanley Kubrick
10 Films - Luis Buñuel
9 Films - Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa, Werner Herzog
8 Films - Billy Wilder, Rainer Werner Fassbinder
7 Films - Ingmar Bergman, David Lynch, François Truffaut, Lars von Trier, John Cassavetes, Buster Keaton, Robert Bresson, Richard Linklater
6 Films - Yasujirô Ozu, Gus Van Sant
5 Films - Andrei Tarkovsky, Paul Thomas Anderson, Federico Fellini, Louis Malle, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Woody Allen, Peter Watkins, Satyajit Ray, Roman Polanski

Films - #1-#100//#101-#200//#201-#300//#301-#400//#401+
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A growing list of my favourite short films. I consider a "favourite" as something that I have rated 8.5 - 10. So, here is a collection of just that. Short films I have rated 8.5 - 10.
I find it difficult to rank short films among features so I thought it would be easier to make separate lists for them.

Most Listed directors
10 films - Stan Brakhage
8 films - Jan Svankmajer
4 films - David Lynch
3 films - Maya Deren
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Sort of like a refined, specified version of my normal list. This list features shorts and feature films, which is probably the biggest difference in the lists.
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Films 1-10 are Tarkovskiy's favorites. The rest are films that Tarkovskiy was known to enjoy, love and admire.

Andrei Tarkovskiy's Favorite Directors:
-Luis Bunuel
-Robert Bresson
-Ingmar Bergman
-Kenji Mizoguchi
-Aleksander Dovzhenko
-Sergei Parajanov
-Akira Kurosawa
-Michaelangelo Antonioni
-Jean Vigo
-Carl T. Dreyer

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Films are not in order except for Eraserhead

“My filmmaking education consisted of finding out what filmmakers I liked were watching, then seeing those films."
Paul Thomas Anderson
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In order.