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Disappointed, 7 February 2011

A very good book turned to a movie by a very good director and excellent actors but the result is a failure. What went wrong?

The only explanation I can think of is that I and the director have understood the story from very different starting points. Casting is brilliant but only theoretically. These usually unbeatable actors simply don't fit in their roles. I have seen them acting wonderfully but now comes this disaster.

Only the cameramen have done their job perfectly. Beautiful nature, the desert with its inhabitants is pictured beautifully.

I would recommend a better focus in choosing the actors next time. Never mind how well these actors usually perform, now they are simply in unsuitable roles.

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The best movie I have ever seen, 4 April 2010

I saw Bergman's Wild Strawberries first about fifteen years ago. Since then I have watched the film at least once every year. Every time I watch it the same deep emotions are wakened. I most preferably watch it alone at home, so I don't have to hide my tears. Think about it. A 52 years old rough man shedding tears over a movie.

The film tells us that it is never too late to change your ways, if you want to. Old professor begins to see and analyze mistakes he has made in his life, hurting all people closest to him. Cold, cynical, indifferent attitude has infected also his son Evald, whose wife has come to stay with our professor. During one day, guided by his daughter-in-law and his own memories and nightmares, professor Borg seems to realize that he needs to start a new path in his life.

This is Bergman at its best. A serious film in which there is humor and beautiful scenes to make this masterpiece easy to watch. This movie really is above all comparison, only 10 points because no chance to give more, 100/10 would be fair :-).

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don't miss this film, 4 April 2010

Now here is a movie that everybody should see. A sad story, though not sentimental. The optimistic ending leaves you in a comfortable feeling that even the worst situation can turn to better.

The Finnish landscape is beautifully pictured. Postcard like sceneries. Two brilliant actors, the directing is what you may expect from Härö: simply brilliant, as true as life.

The filmmakers have shared a very strong trust in humanity. The most warmhearted priest meets a woman whose fate has been to suffer a jail sentence that should never have been judged.

Do yourself a favor, watch this film.

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psychological, entertaining, very good actors, 3 April 2010

This film is a Finnish step towards Ingmar Bergman's way of making films: Very carefully picked actors playing splendidly well.This is a serious film, still containing humor enough to make it easy and light to watch. Helsinki appears as a very beautiful city.

The divorce, loneliness and pain are described truthfully. The starring characters maintain their dignity even though they face very heavy difficulties. Romance in the film, obvious to everybody but the main characters, advances slowly without exaggeration. And is tolerable even for a man like me.

I would have given 9/10, but in the end of the movie there are two hospital emergencies in a row too close to each other. It is logical, because one crises leads to another, but the same situation is repeated too soon. So 8/10 will have to be enough.