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a list of 208 titles
The last 20 or so are out of order, and the rest are [mostly] grouped by star count.
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a list of 1,954 titles
Roughly two decades of movie watching reduced to a single list. There are many missing, but it is mostly complete.
In order from 10 stars to 1 star, but not organized therein.
a list of 2,583 titles
These are the movies and TV series which I have rated. I've seen lots more, but the titles have been forgotten. Most have been watched over the last three or four years.

Note: I have recently decided to add television shows to the list; therefore, over the following weeks, this list may grow dramatically before abruptly stopping at, I estimate, about 5,000.

Additional lists:
a list of 231 titles
Unreleased movies I want to see.
a list of 96 titles
ie. 4 Stars and lower.
a list of 307 titles
Following are each of those films which I have given 8 out of 10 stars.
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a list of 29 titles
Each has less than 200 votes.
a list of 8,186 titles
Here is my complete watchlist, starting with the first movie I added after learning about the existence of the Watchlist. I don't expect I'll ever even be able to find all of these films, but I am intent on watching as many of these - and those not included - as possible. After only a few years I've already seen around 1,500.
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Not in order.
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a list of 18 titles
I pretty much like 'em all, but I've managed to get it roughly in order from best to worst.
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These are the superhero movies I've seen, from best to worst.
The order may not be entirely accurate, for it has been many a year since I have viewed them, preferring to focus on serious movies than ludicrous ones (ie. everything after #15 on this list, and everything beforehand in part).
a list of 30 titles
No order.
a list of 40 titles
They don't make enough crime films. One of the best genres out there, I have probably given more crime films a 10 star rating than any other genre. The list isn't really in order, I love these films so much that I could never make up my mind on which ones are better than others. #1, House of Games, is the only movie ranked appropriately. One of the best movies ever made.
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No specific order; use the "sort by" feature below to put it in whichever order you want.
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My least watched genre, I have never failed to enjoy a film noir. These are the twelve which I liked best.
In order!
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The fifteen best directors whose work I've encountered and enjoyed to such a degree that warrants the director's inclusion on just such a list as this. The list is neither in order nor guaranteed to be accurate (i.e. there may be directors whose work I truly enjoyed but whose identity has eluded me, etc.)
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a list of 100 titles
Best movies of the best decade.
a list of 15 titles
In no order.
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In no order.
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It is very rare for me to encounter an enjoyable war film. Perhaps my second least favorite genre (after westerns), I don't really care for most of the films after number 25.
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After watching nearly all of John Wayne's films, I've grown tired of westerns and hold them in the same regard as war films. There are a few good ones, but I couldn't care less about the majority.
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All of the films listed on the Slasherama Movie Buyer's Guide.
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A list of the movies that made up the notorious 'video nasties' list of the 80s.