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11 September 2003
i must say...(please dont get mad)... that this is the most perverted show ever created. all they do is ask people to take their pants off. it p**ses me off. i saw one episode where they had a woman come in to play a quiz game. she ended up getting extra points and winning just because the man(not) asked her if she'd take her clothes off and do the rest of the show in her underwear. now tell me. how perverted can one dirty old man be?????
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22 March 2003
I love this show. i can totally relate to the characters (eventhough i havent tried drugs,sex, and getting my navel pierced AND i'm definitely not gay)anyone who thinks this show is "stupid" or "horrid" needs to watch more of it emma is kinda stupid "goody two shoes" and she's my least favorite character although ashley(melissa mcintyre) is a good actress her character is a poser "you dont go from prep to goth in a day" PLEASE!!!!! anyways whoever thinks this show is gay either isnt a junior highschooler because its talking to kids when it says If your life waas a tv show this would be it!!!!!!!!

Hehe sar
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