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This is the way the Best Picture Oscars should have gone. The top of the list is 1927
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People who are in the movie business and just don't make it better but are the epitome of why people say the movie industry is declining. This list is not final. It can (and probably will_ be expanded.
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These are the movies that I never plan to watch for various reasons. I know there are more but this is a good start
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This is in no particular order but they are in blocks. I'll say when one block of films starts and another ends.
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As it is June 6th (The D-Day anniversary) I am going to list the best WWII films I have ever seen.
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My personal favorite film characters in no particular order.
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The Academy has messed up a lot with the Acting categories as well. Actually working on this list has made me realize that I need to focus more on the Oscar winning performances as I've spent a lot of time on the Best Picture winners.
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These are films that won Best Picture but should not have for various reasons.
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my 10 favorite films (#1 is a combination of two films) The rest are honorable mentions. Scream is #10.